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Last year I attempted to write a post each week leading up to the NFL Draft stating who I would select if I was the GM for that team. Each week I covered three teams set to have the last post the week of the NFL Draft. Unfortunately I didn’t make it very far and I stopped after about four posts. This year I thought instead of breaking down who each team should select in the upcoming draft I decided to tackle a different endeavor.

Every year only one team walks away happy with the outcome, but every team in the NFL has a reason to be hopeful. That’s the beautiful thing about the NFL, each season is new start and it doesn’t take much to flip the script for any team.

Whether it’s the defending Super Bowl champions failing to make the playoffs, or the worst team in the NFL the prior year making the playoffs with one of the best regular season records; no outcome is out of the question.

The unpredictable nature of the NFL is what keeps us fans coming back each week, each year. We hope that our team will find that one player or coach that will change everything and it will be our team holding up the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year.

In order to help fuel that hope over the next few weeks I will be giving my reasons why it is great to be a fan of each NFL team. Each week I will cover three teams (increasing to four for the final two weeks) ending the week of the NFL Draft. Starting at the top of the draft order (Houston Texans) and ending with the Super Bowl champs (Seattle Seahawks).

This week we are looking at why it’s great to be a: Houston Texans fan, Washington Redskins fan or Jacksonville Jaguars fan.

Houston Texans

NFL Draft and Bill O’Brien:

The Houston Texans picked a great year to be the worst team in the NFL, this year’s draft class is loaded with talent and the Texans get first pick at all the talent. Unlike last year there are multiple players that are worthy of the first overall pick. Do they take the once in a generation freak athlete in Jadeveon Clowney? How about the hometown hero in Johnny Manziel? Or do they go with a very promising QB prospect in Blake Bortles or Teddy Bridgewater?

It’s an exciting time to be a Texans fans, in just over 10 weeks this team will have added a very exciting and promising prospect to their team that will help newly acquired head coach Bill O’Brien turn around this team quickly.

This leads me to the other reason it’s exciting to be a Texans fan, Bill O’Brien. On paper Bill O’Brien has all the makings to be a great head coach: he comes from the Belichick line of coaching so he knows his X’s and O’s, and he was thrust into a situation at Penn State that was less than idle and managed to keep that program competitive and relevant, demonstrating he has great leadership skills that players will buy into.

With a new head coach and potentially a new QB the Texans could be the Chiefs of the 2014 NFL season.

Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III:

I know, some of you Redskins fans are ready to write RGIII off as well as many other analysts. Last year was the real RGIII, the RGIII that we saw his rookie year and his last two years in college was a fake. His knee injury will ruin his career and he will forever be scared to take a hit and will play tentatively the rest of his career.

Do you really believe all that? You think that a player as electric, talented, motivated and physically gifted as Robert Griffin III has peaked and his best days are behind him? Doesn’t it sound a little bit silly when you read it in print? RGIII is one of the most promising players in the NFL, his teammates love him and he is driven to succeed. RGIII will bounce back and prove his doubters wrong.

The Redskins have their franchise QB, something that the other two teams on this list and a majority of the teams in the top 10 of the draft are trying to find. The most important position in the sport and an essential building block to any successful team has been filed for your team and he is arguably the most electric player in the NFL.

RGIII had a down year, a sophomore slump. In hindsight we all probably should have expected it. A second year player coming off a major knee injury late in the season rushes back for week 1, spends all summer rehabbing, then doesn’t play in a preseason game and plays the toughest position in the sport. He is a talented player, but to have come out and played at a high level after all that would have been unhuman.

Now a year removed from his knee injury and able to have a full offseason schedule I predict we will see the RGIII we all expect him to be. Yes he needs to learn to slide, yes he needs to learn to not take unnecessary hits but RGIII can still throw the ball as well as any NFL QB and is still one of the most electric players in the NFL.

RGIII will win you back Redskins fans and you will be singing his praises again soon, I promise.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Young Talent:

The Jaguars have been one of the toughest teams to be a fan of over the last few years. From drafting horribly (Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, Blaine Gabbert), to keeping Del Rio a little too long and just plain losing on a consistent basis, they haven’t been fun to watch or had anyone to get excited about. That’s changing!

The Jaguars are in a prime position to finally bring in their franchise QB they desperately need or at least bring in one of the most talented players in this year’s draft. Sitting at number three in the draft one of the most talented players in this year’s class will be guaranteed to be available for them come selection time. Whether that’s Clowney, Bortles, Bridgewater or Watkins the Jaguars are going to be bringing in a talented and very promising player that Jaguar fans can be excited about, but he won’t be the only player Jaguars fans can be excited about.

Last year the Jaguars started moving in the right direction by bringing in young and talented players such as Johnathan Cyprien, Ace Sanders and Denard Robinson. Finally the Jaguars have players their fans can watch develop into stars and get excited about watching on Sundays. If the Jags can pull together another good draft class in this year’s deep draft, they are guaranteed to be bringing in even more talented young players.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Jags can walk away from this year’s draft with a franchise QB, another great WR and multiple difference makers on the defensive side of the ball. This year’s draft is loaded in almost all positions and the Jaguars are in a prime position to take advantage of it.

The Jaguars are building the right way and are starting to bring in some exciting players. As these young players continue to learn Gus Bradley’s system and develop the team will get better and in the process become more enjoyable to watch.

Enjoy it Jags fans you are watching as the building blocks fall into place. It’s not easy to be patient, but ask any 49ers or Seahawks fan, the process can and will work.


See there is always something to be excited about no matter what team you are a fan of. Come back next week when I will be covering the Browns, Raiders and Rams. Yes Browns fan’s there is hope!

Are you excited to be a fan of one of these teams? Is all hope lost? Will any of these three teams turn it around and make the playoffs next year? Let me know what you think below.

See you next Monday!

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