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Why I am Hooked on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

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When Diablo III was released back in 2012 many fans argued the game strayed too far from the original games of the series. Forcing players to always be online, introducing a paid auction house and a lack of endgame content made a lot of fans lose interest quickly.

Now almost two years after the release of the original game Blizzard has given us the first expansion, Diablo III Reaper of Souls. With the release of the expansion comes a lot of changes that have a lot of fans, myself included, hooked on the game once again. Below are the major reasons why I personally am hooked on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

Legendary Items like this can be found anywhere. I found this item under some loose rocks.

Legendary Items like this can be found anywhere. I found this item under some loose rocks.

Loot 2.0

Loot 2.0 is essentially a complete revamp of the loot system, making it more likely that you will find more pieces of gear related to your class. No longer will you run through a dungeon as barbarian and find nothing but bows, staffs and wands.

Now when gear drops it is more aligned with your class, making it even more thrilling to wander off the beaten path and take on those big monsters since you are rewarded on more regular basis. Loot 2.0 helps to drive the loot hunter in me crazy. I am always looking for that new piece of gear or weapon, and now more than ever I am exploring every inch of the games in hopes for that next great drop.

The Legendries

In the original Diablo III I managed log 49 hours on my barbarian and never received a single legendary drop. Now over the last week of playing I have had a legendary drop at least once every hour. In addition to making loot more aligned with your class Loot 2.0 has increased the drop rate of legendary weapons.

Each legendary is a powerful item that can severely make your character stronger. It’s a thrilling feeling to see that orange item show up in your inventory and know that it will make your character better, and thanks to Loot 2.0 these legendries can be found anywhere.

Loot 2.0 makes it so legendary items no longer only drop off major bosses, but can now drop off any creature, be found in any chest or even under loose rocks. You will literally not want to leave any stone unturned and the game will reward you for it.

The new class, Crusader, looks awesome and is fun to play.

The new class, Crusader, looks awesome and is fun to play.

New Class

Reaper of Souls brings with it a new class, the Crusader. Taking the place of Diablo II’s Paladin, the Crusader is a truck. Able to carry two handed weapons in one hand and a shield in the other the Crusader is the official “tank” of the Diablo III world.

This class speaks to me personally as I am always a fan of heavy armor, hand to hand combat type classes, but the Crusader class is more than just a meat shield. With a lot of very useful spells and an outstanding character design the Crusader fits perfectly into the Diablo III world.

The class brings an interesting mix of ranged and close combat abilities and is able to take a beating. There are a lot of unique ways to play the Crusader and unlocking every new spell and rune is as much fun as leveling any other class for the first time.

Blizzard put a lot of thought and time into the Crusader class and it shows. The crusaders spells are unique and look great and the armor and weapons look amazing on the character model. The crusader is by far my favorite class in the game currently and a major reason I have been spending so much time on Diablo.


Thanks to these changes and more I am hooked once again on Diablo. I have lost hours and will continue to lose hours to leveling and loot hunting. I have yet to get my Crusader to 70 and; therefore, I have not yet been able to dive into the new “Adventure Mode”. But I already can see myself sinking a lot of hours into Diablo III: Reapers of Souls and I am more than alright with that.

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