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Sony just dropped a huge bomb on the gaming community and people don’t even seem to realize. On October 28th, which is tomorrow, the PS4 will be getting an update with a slew of cool new tricks but there is one feature I am super giddy about, ‘Share Play’!

‘Share Play’ allows you to either let your friend play a game that you own over the internet while in a party together or play a game you own together. Essentially it’s the closest thing to couch gaming without actually being on the same couch.

Confused? Let Sony explain it to you in a simple YouTube video, isn’t the internet great?


YouTube Preview Image


Finished watching? Amazing right? Sure being able to pass the controller to your friend and let them play your game is an amazing feature, but the feature that I am excited for is playing a game together.

Every year my buddy and I start a Madden co-op franchise. We choose the worst team in the NFL, make some changes in free agency, pull off some nifty trades and start our franchise. I play QB he plays RB.

This tradition started in college when my buddy and I first met and has continued to this day. But after graduating college we both went our separate ways.

We have always managed to meet up at least once a year for a Madden binge, but after that weekend is done so is our franchise. But with ‘Share Play’ my friend and I’s dream seems to have come true.

Starting tomorrow, we can play our co-op Madden franchise whenever we want. All we need is an internet connection and some free time. This is huge!

Which brings me back to the title of my post, why aren’t people freaking out about this?

Of course this will be no substitute for owning the game, but I am not sure gamers are aware of how awesome this is. Let me paint a picture for yah.

You just got Awesome Co-op RPG Shooter (that game sounds amazing!) you obviously love the game, but you want someone to play with. So you text your best friend, “You have Awesome Co-op RPG Shooter?”

Your friend responds, “No, I don’t.”

Now usually that’s where this conversation would end. You’d text back with something along the lines of “Oh you should go buy it.”

But with ‘Share Play’ your response now is, “No worries, jump on your PS4 and thanks to ‘Share Play’ we can play it together.”

Ok maybe you don’t actually respond quite like that, but you get the point.

This is huge gaming community! I haven’t been this excited for news in a very long time. Maybe people aren’t quite grasping the significance of this or maybe I am being misled, but as of right now I am living on Cloud 9!

Am I overacting? Are you excited? Is everyone else freaking out? Let me know in the comments below!

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