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Where You Been!?


If you have been following me you know I have been trying for the last year to make this writing thing a regular occurrence, and I am sure you also know that I have failed.

Life has gotten in the way multiple times, and to be perfectly honest so have video games. I mean have you played some of the games that have been released?! So good!

But with each attempt I continue to get better. I have improved my written voice and my passion for writing has continued to grow. I haven’t been as active as I would like, but I believe each failed attempt is a step towards my goal of writing about video games for a living.

So what’s the plan? Well as you can see I am back at it, but this time I want to be better. I have some other projects I plan to star working on and a better plan to make writing easier.

But enough about the boring stuff let’s get caught up on what I have been playing lately!

Destiny: I have fallen in love with this game. Although there are things that I feel should be corrected and it can be a bit of a grind at times, I have severely enjoyed my time with my Gaurdian.

Shadows of Mordor: It took me a little bit of time to become good at this game, but after unlocking some powerful abilities the game really opened up and hooked me.

I look forward to bettering myself and not failing this time. Thank you for all that have given me supportive words and taken the time to read my writing. I love you all!

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