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Starting this week I will quickly get you caught up on the games I am playing and give my personal opinion on the games. Hopefully this will inform you of some of the games you should be looking into and maybe help point out a diamond in the rough. So to get you caught up here is what I am currently playing and what I have played.

Bioshock: Infinite (Beat)

Bioshock: Infinite was the first game that was delivered to me by Gamefly. I enjoyed working through the story of this critically acclaimed first person shooter, and the world was gorgeous and a joy to explore. I severely enjoyed getting to know the characters and unraveling the ending. This is a game that doesn’t babysit you with story it makes you think, but it doesn’t disappoint in the story department. The twist in this story is one of the more intellectual twists I have experienced in games.

I have come to realization, and I will most likely have a post about this in the future, that I am no longer a first person shooter fan. There was a time when Call of Duty had my attention and I drooled over the next Halo, but these days it is really difficult for me to get excited about a first person shooter. I enjoyed Bioshock and its an experience I think all gamers should enjoy, but boy was I glad for it to be over.

Batman: Arkham City (Beat)

It took me a few years to finally get around to playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, and it took me another few years to finally player Batman: Arkham City but I was glad I finally did. No video game has ever made me feel like the actual super hero like Arkham Asylum and Arkham City did. Pulling off combos and fighting bad guys never got old, and the nerd in me absolutely loved the story and voice acting (there is something about hearing Mark Hamel as the Joker that just makes me smile).

I didn’t do much of the side missions as I forced myself to quickly play through the main story, but if I get a chance I would love to pickup Arkham City again and tackle the bonus content.

Torchlight II (Playing)

The video games that draw my attention the most are games where I can see significant progress. This is why I loved World of Warcraft, Skyrim and Fable. I not only love feeling more powerful as I progress my player but I enjoy seeing the results of my labor visually. There is nothing more thrilling to me then to pick up a weapon that is powerful and looks awesome. Torchlight II does a fantastic job of this.

I find myself playing Torchlight II mainly for the game play, which is rather odd because most games I play for the story. I can’t tell you what is going on story-wise in Torchlight II, but I am dying to hop on there and level up and clear dungeons for that new piece of loot.

Gears of War Judgment (Playing)

I love the Gears of War series and Judgment finally arrived thanks to Gamefly. I had no intentions of buying or even playing this game until it got most positive reviews. I severly enjoyed playing through the story of the originals and the universe is one of the most compelling in gaming. I am looking forward to experiencing the macho bad ass that is Gears of War.

Recently I have started to sense a little bit of a fatigue for the Gears of War series from most gamers, and that saddens me. No game does a better job of making you feel like a macho bad ass, and it is the premier third person shooter (a genre I thoroughly enjoy). I have not yet started playing this game, but I look forward to starting very shortly.

NCAA Football 2014 (Playing)

I have picked up every NCAA Football game since 2004. There was a time when I loved this series and would wait every year for the new game, but recently I have grown a little tired of the same formula and lack of major changes. I have just recently started to pick this years game up, and plan to put out a review of the game within the next year, but it is satisfying my desire for football and I thank it for that.

What are some games I should look into playing? Did you have an great experiences with any of these games? Are you interested in any of the games? Let me know in the comments below.


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