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What I am Currently Playing 9/06/2013


If you are following me on a regular basis than thank you and you know that each week I write up on Friday’s what I have been playing over the last week and what I plan to play over the next week. Last week was the start of college football which is a pseudo holiday for my friends and I, which is why I didn’t write much last week and I apologize.

I write about what I have been playing and what I will be playing to spark conversation, introduce you to new games and hopefully get some new ideas for games I should be playing. Since I missed last week I have to get everyone caught up on what I have been playing for the last two weeks so let’s get right into it.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Playing)

I have been mostly working on beating Ni No Kuni so that I can put up my review. Any free time I have had has been dedicated to beating this 40 hour journey. Currently I am just about 20 hours in so I still have 20+ hours to go. My goal is to beat the game next week and provide a review of the game.

As I have stated I will be writing up a review of this game later on, but I really have enjoyed my time with this game. There are a few things that I am not quite a huge fan of, but by no means has this been a grind to play. If you are a fan of JRPGs and you have yet to pick this game up I highly recommend you do.

Madden 25 (Playing)

Last “What I am Currently Playing” I forgot that Madden 25 was going to release the next week and forgot to mention I would be spending some time with that game. After watching football I was pumped to get right into playing some Madden. I started a franchise with the Kansas City Chiefs and played for hours on end with my buddy as the Carolina Panthers over the Labor Day weekend.

You can check out my thoughts on the game here, but I believe this Madden is a little better than last year’s version. Unfortunately it still isn’t where I would hope a football simulation would be at this point in its life. Here is hoping that the next generation of consoles will propel Madden to that next level.

Civilization V: Brave New World (Always playing)

My buddy was cruel to me this weekend and started playing Civilization V in front of me. Watching him conquer cities and be betrayed by other civilizations I got the ultimate itch to pick up the game and start playing. To make matters worse I found the highly rated expansion pack A Brave New World for 60% off. Taking this as a sign from the universe I decided it was about time I played some Civilization V.

I started two games, one with Germany on marathon and another with just a normal game. Civilization V is one of my favorite games of all time and Brave New World adds so much more depth to it. I was sucked in and lost a few hours of sleep because of the “one more turn” syndrome. Luckily I have broken its curse, for now, and I will be back to focusing on Ni No Kuni.

Games I might be playing this week

  • Devil May Cry: I plan to review Devil May Cry after Ni No Kuni, but refuse to pick this game back up before I have beaten Ni No Kuni. Hopefully this week I will beat Ni No Kuni and get the pleasure of playing this action game.
  • Torchlight II: Torchlight II has been a constant over the past few months. It really is the perfect game to pick up and play for about two hours and then move onto something else. If I get bored this weekend I may grind my way through some more dungeons.
  • MLB the Show 13: MLB the Show 13 is currently making the rounds in my house. My buddy played for close to sixteen hours while visiting me this weekend and my roommate has caught the itch now and is working his player through the minors. I fear I may be tempted to jump on and play some as well, but hopefully I can fight that urge.

What are you currently playing? Have you played any of these games? What did you think? Are there any games I should be playing? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week happy gaming and thanks for reading.

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