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What I am Currently Playing 8/23/2013


Each week I will give you a rundown of the games I have been playing during the week and what I plan on playing during the upcoming week, and give you a quick write up of what I thought or expect. I do this in hopes that you will find something that interests you and to spark discussion. Here is what I am currently playing as of August 23, 2013.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Played)

FFXIV saved me last weekend with its open beta. I had no games that interested me and Gamefly was slow to deliver my new game so I spent all day Saturday playing FFXIV and most of Sunday. You can see more in depth thoughts at this link but for a quick snippet I really enjoyed the game. I thought it was a lot of fun and it was a world I could lost in, it just bummed me out that a subscription will be needed to play.

Not much gaming this week:

I unfortunately didn’t get much time to play video games this week. I spent a lot of time writing, reading up on video game journalism, watching the Steelers and going to the Backstreet Boys concert (bet you never thought those two would be found in the same sentence). I only got one day to play video games and I played…

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Playing)

I finally got the highly praised JRPG on Monday and got to start my journey late Monday and a little more on Wednesday. I am only about two hours in and I can already see why people really enjoy this game. The voice acting is superb, the world seems interesting as well as the story and the game mechanics are fun. As stated earlier I plan to put up a review later and will be focusing mainly on playing this week.

Devil May Cry (DMC) (Playing)

Gamefly goofed and sent me two games, WIN! *fist pump*, so I now have Ni No Kuni and DMC from Gamefly. I started playing DMC on Wednesday after I got a little too tired to focus on Ni No Kuni and started to really like the game which prompted me to make the decision to review DMC as well (hey the more practice I get the better right?). I really enjoy the character of Dante he has that swag and arrogance that I tend to like, the fighting is a lot of fun and there seems to be a lot to unlock. DMC may take a back seat to Ni No Kuni, but will be my next hurdle.

No other games this week:

With the Backstreet Boys, Steelers, Writing and reading sucking up my time last week I plan to focus purely on these two games this week which means no Torchlight II or MLB the Show. But I spent a few hours writing an article on Thursday I am excited about and plan to hopefully release that by Monday.

What are you currently playing? Have you played any of these games? What did you think? Are there any games I should be playing? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week happy gaming and thanks for reading.

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