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Top Five Characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us


You just got Injustice: Gods Among Us and you are trying to figure out the right character for you. Well look no further, because I am here to give you a run down on my top five favorite characters. I will be giving a detailed description of all the strengths and weaknesses as well as tips for each character. This list is in no particular order.



Deathstroke brings a great combination of ranged and close attacks. His ‘Machine Gun’ special move is quick to execute and very deadly, causing a quick 14% damage. Add on top of that his character power, ‘Enhanced Reflexes’, that makes all his gunshots unblockable for a short time, and you have a very deadly combination.

If your opponent gets too close, a quick ‘Sword Flip’ will give you a 3 hit 8% damage and knock your opponent away from you opening them up to more gunshots. Deathstroke also has some quick and easy-to-execute combos, my favorite being the ‘Silent Approach’. This combo will cause a quick 12% damage as well as make you opponent fly halfway across the map.

Deathstroke isn’t a power character, which makes a lot of environmental interactions dodges instead of damage causing. This removes a lot of free damage from fights and requires you to be more cautious. Deathstroke also doesn’t have a great move to close gaps quickly and safely. If you are playing a skilled opponent, it will be difficult to catch them from a distance to land combos.

Recommendation: Deathstroke is perfect for players that are looking for a quick fighter who can deal damage from afar but hold his own in close combat. Avoid Deathstroke if you prefer to be up-close and personal as well as a power character.


Green Lantern

Green Lantern is one of the quicker power characters on Injustice’s roster in terms of speed and attacks. Unlike Deathstroke, Green Lantern can use all objects in the environment to cause damage, and at the same time can match almost all characters in speed.

Most of Green Lantern’s special moves are executed by inputting: Back (<-), Forward (->) and then an attack button. I found his special moves to be one of the easiest to execute on a consistent basis. If you are new to fighting games and combos, Green Lantern might be one of your best choices in characters.

Green Lantern has some powerful combos in his arsenal. The ‘Grand Slam’ combo can be a devastating combination to land if your opponent isn’t paying attention. This will cause 14% damage and knock your opponent a good ways away from you, although this combo is long and difficult to execute against a skilled player.  Another easier combo to land is Green Lantern’s ‘Brightest Day’ combo. This causes 16% damage as well as knocks them further away than ‘Grand Slam’ does. Both of these combos can be started from a distance and used to close a gap while landing the ending blow.

If you are looking to close a gap quickly, the ‘Turbine Smash’ is the best way to go. Green Lantern will create a turbine and ride it forward, smashing into your opponent for 8% damage and knock them to the ground. This is perfect against players trying to stay a good distance away.

Green Lantern’s biggest flaw is the difficulty of landing his super move. Unlike other characters, you must be right next to your opponent for it to land. This can cause problems against a skilled player who is very offensive.

Recommendation: If you are just getting your feet wet and are looking for a character with powerful attacks and easy to execute special moves, Green Lantern is your man. If you enjoy a quick power character with decent range Green Lantern is also for you.


The Joker

Just like Deathstroke, the Joker is not a power character, meaning you will not be picking up objects and throwing them at players. As stated with Deathstroke, this removes a lot of damage ability, but the Joker brings one of the easiest and most deadly combos in the entire game. With a quick two tap of the 3 button (Xbox 360: A, PS3: X and Wii U: B) Joker executes his ‘No More Jokes’ combo, a two hit 16% damage combo that flings your opponent across the map.

My other favorite combo the Joker brings is his ‘Shank Shank’ combo. If you can land this combo and add in a ‘Rolling Laughing Gas’ as your opponent is on the ground, you can knock off 23% real fast. Or you can be daring and rush forward to try and land my favorite of the Joker’s special moves, ‘Crowbar’, which will cause the total damage to jump to a quick 25%.

The Joker also brings a deadly quick special move ‘Acid Blossom’. This is a 10% damage special move that can be quickly added onto any combo. Unfortunately, a lot of the Joker’s other special moves will be more difficult for beginners to land. The ‘Laughing Gas’ and ‘Chattering Teeth’, although easy to execute, are more difficult to land in the heat of battle and will most likely go untouched.

The Joker also has limited range. His three main ranged special moves, ‘Laughing Gas’, ‘Rolling Laughing Gas’ and ‘BANG!’ are either difficult to land or easy to avoid. This means that if you are playing an opponent that is skilled and is playing as a character with good range, you will find the fight rather difficult.

Recommendation: If you are a combo lover, The Joker is for you. With multiple combos that can lead to quick additions or even deadlier combos, The Joker is a combination lovers dream. If you are newer to the game though, The Joker may take some time to master.


Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is a big bulky power character. He brings some of the best special moves in the game, but some of the weakest combos in terms of stringing. He also is very clunky to play.

Lex’s special moves bring a perfect combination of long range and close range attacks, as well as stuns and closing speed. The ‘Corp Charge’ is great for closing the distance between you and your enemy, and if you manage to land the attack, you can knock off a quick 9%. If you are playing an opponent that likes to play range, Lex Luthor can battle with the best of them. His ‘Lance Blast’ and ‘Orbital Strike’ are easy to execute; the ‘Orbital Strike’ being the more powerful of the two, but is much easier to dodge or interrupt.

Lex Luthor’s combos are deadly and rather easy to pull off. The ‘World Domination’ combo will deal a quick 16% damage and his ‘Evil Scientist’ combo will cause 12% damage. Unfortunately, both of these combos will send your opponent flying across the map, and Lex Luthor’s ranged attacks, while effective, aren’t good enough to merit high priority like Deathstroke. You will be forced to rush in and try to attack your opponent before they recover, and for some people this will be challenging because of how clunky Lex moves.

‘Energy Shield’, Lex Luthor’s character power, is one of the best in the game. The shield has three levels and depends on how long you hold the button. Level 1 absorbs one attack and on level 2, the shield not only absorbs one attack and reduces damage by 50%, but lasts twice as long. If you can manage to charge all the way to level 3 the shield absorbs one hit, reduces damage by 100% and lasts four times longer.

Recommendation: If you are looking for a power character with some awesome special moves, good combos and a devastating super move, then Lex Luthor is for you. Lex is one of the more clunky characters in the game and can at times be frustrating to maneuver, so if speed and ease of handling is high on your list, stay away from Lex.



Batman is one of the easier characters to get a hang of, but is still one of the better characters even for skilled players. Batman doesn’t have any moves that will demolish his opponents, but he has a lot of quick well-rounded attacks.

As I stated above, Batman doesn’t have high damage attacks. In fact, his highest damage special move is his ‘Cape Parry’, which will do 12% damage, but must be executed as your opponent attacks. His ‘Straight Grapple’, as well as his ‘Slide Kick’ special moves are some of the most convenient and useful in the entire game, especially used with a ‘Meter Burn’.

Using a ‘Meter Burn’ with the ‘Slide Kick’ will increase the damage from 7% to 12% and put you in perfect position to either ‘Straight Grapple’ or lead into another combo. Using a ‘Meter Burn’ with the ‘Straight Grapple’ will still lock onto your opponent, but instead of adding the extra 7% for the kick, Batman will stop right in front of your opponent, opening them up for some of his more powerful combos.

Batman’s highest damage combo is his ‘Stay Down’ combo. With the ‘Straight Grapple’ and a ‘Meter Burn’, a skilled player can open their opponent to this 16% damage combo. The best part about most of Batman’s combos are that they leave a lot of room for addition. Unlike Lex Luthor’s combos, many of the combos in Batman’s arsenal keep the opponent close and vulnerable, which makes him a breeze to control.

Just like Deathstroke and The Joker, Batman isn’t a power character so a lot of the environment interactions will be dodges instead of throws. Just like the other characters, this tends to take away a lot of available damage and puts you at a slight disadvantage.

Recommendation: If you are beginning to play Injustice, Batman may be the easiest out of all these characters to master quickly. He doesn’t put out a lot of damage, but his combos and special moves are easy to master and very useful. If you enjoy ‘Meter Burning’ and stringing combos, Batman may also be for you. If you’re looking for high damage and power, stay clear of him.

There are multiple ways to play Injustice: Gods Among Us, and none of them are the right way, which is what makes fighting games such fun. These are a few of my favorite characters to take into battle. Leave a comment below letting us know what you think. Are these characters terrible? Did I miss someone way better? Who is your favorite character to play with? Let me know below.

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