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Top 5 TEs and WRs in Madden 15


Continuing on the offensive side of the ball EA released the list of the top five tight ends and wide receivers in this years Madden 15. As would be expected the WR list seems to bring some controversy and the TE list is just a mess.

With the NFL moving to more of a passing league WR seems to be the most star studded position in the league. EA made some interesting decisions with their rankings that are sure to make a lot of fans cry fowl and the top five TE list is very confusing.

The TE position in the NFL is starting to evolve and with the emergence of  some young talented TEs EA seems a bit hesitant to anoint these new bloods as the elites. Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints sits atop the list with a 97 rating and rightfully so. Graham has been the best TE in the league over the last three seasons and not many will argue with him being the highest rated TE in the NFL. Second on the list is New England patriot Rob Gronkowski with a 96 rating.

Gronk sat out most of last year with injuries playing in only seven total games but EA doesn’t seem to want to dock him points for injuries which is fine, but it’s sort of strange to have the third ranked TE, Vernon Davis, ranked two points below him with a 94. In fact the final two TEs on the list, Jason Witten 93 and Greg Olsen 88 makes the gap between Gronk and Graham questionably large.

The real story for the top 5 TE is the players left off the list entirely, Jordan Cameron of the Cleveland Browns was second in receiving yards for a TE last year and Antonio Gates was third. Meaning both TEs produced more yards than four players on the top 5 and are rated below a 90. It could be understandable to keep Jordan Cameron out of the top 5 since he has only produced in one season but Gates has consistently been a good TE for years and produced more than four players on this list.

The WR rating isn’t much better. Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson sits atop the list with a 99 rating which no one should have any argument about, but the list starts to unravel from there. Sitting right behind Calvin Johnson is Brandon Marshall with a 96 rating, then Andre Johnson and A.J. Greene sit tied for third with a 95 rating and Dez Bryant rounds out the top 5 with a 94 rating.

It’s questionable as to why Brandon Marshall who finished 11th in yards and 3rd in TDs last year sits at a 96 and second in WR ranking but Demaryius Thomas is left completely off the list and is rated below a 94. The other major question is why the top two leading receivers from last year, Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown both have been left off this list and will find themselves below a 94. To EA’s credit the WR position is easily the toughest position to rate in the NFL right now, but it seems they made some questionable calls.

Below you can find the ratings for the TEs and WRs and you can click here for screen shots of the WRs and click here for screen shots of the TEs.

Top TEs:

Players are presented as: Name, Rating,Current Team:

5. Greg Olsen, 88, Carolina Panthers

4. Jason Witten, 93, Dallas Cowboys

3. Vernon Davis, 94, San Francisco 49ers

2. Rob Gronkowski, 96, New England Patriots

1. Jimmy Graham, 96, New Orleans Saints

Top WRs:

Players are presented as: Name, Rating,Current Team:

5. Dez Bryant, 94, Dallas Cowboys

4. A.J. Greene, 95, Cincinnati Bengals

3. Andre Johnson, 95, Houston Texans

2. Brandon Marshall, 96, Chicago Bears

1. Calvin Johnson, 99, Detroit Lions

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