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The Five Most Overrated Players in Madden 25


With the Denver Broncos and the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens set to faceoff tonight the NFL season is upon us. In honor of its return I bring you the five most overrated players in Madden 25 and tomorrow I will be bringing you the top five most underrated players.

With every version of Madden there is bound to be overrated players, whether it’s because they managed to grasp the nation’s attention for a short period of time or because they have historically been great. This is bound to happen since rating and ranking players isn’t a science it’s all subjective. What is considered dominant to one person may not be to another, and we can argue for weeks on who is the best player in the NFL.

With that said I went through Madden 25’s player rankings and picked out the five most overrated players. These players may be overrated because of where they fall in their position ranking or because they simply have too high of a rating. All of these players on this list managed to score a ranking higher than their actual on-field value. Here are the five most overrated players in the Madden 25.

Joe Flacco

Rating: 93

Position Rank: 6th

Joe Flacco is a continuous source of debate between NFL fans. He managed to string together one of the greatest post season performances in NFL history by a QB and capped it off with a Super Bowl MVP performance, but does that deserve a 93 ranking? Flacco is currently ranked above some notable QB’s such as: Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton and Tony Romo.

Joe Flacco has never been an all-pro let alone or pro-bowler, has only had a season QB rating above 90 once (and it wasn’t last year), never thrown for 4,000 yards or 30+ TDs. In fact Joe Flacco produced two of the worst games by a QB according to ESPN’s QBR stat last year in the Raven’s losses to the Broncos and the Texans.

Meanwhile QB’s like Ben Roethlisberger (92 rating) who threw for more TDs and less interceptions than Flacco last year are ranked below him. Even Tony Romo had more TD’s and a better QB rating than Joe Flacco.

The run Flacco had in the playoffs was amazing, but it was a combined three games and in no way deserved to put Flacco as the 6th best QB in Madden 25.

Darren Sproles

Rating: 87

Position Rank: 16th

Darren Sproles is one of the most electric players in the NFL. He catches the ball out of the backfield almost better than any player in the NFL, but ranking him above players such as Stevan Ridley and Demarco Murray and having an equal rating to Trent Richardson makes him one of the most overrated players in Madden 25.

Darren Sproles is a tough player to rate as he isn’t quite used like a running back. He only carried the ball 43 times last year for 244 yards and 1 TD, but he managed to snag 75 receptions for 667 yards receiving and 7 TDs. This is an impressive stat line for a running back, but he still accounted for fewer yardage from the line of scrimmage and less TDs than players like: Trent Richardson, Stevan Ridley and even Reggie Bush.

Although he is still one of the most electric players in the NFL he is rated way too high in Madden 25.

Muhammad Wilkerson

Rating: 94

Position  Rank: 3rd

This may be the biggest head scratcher in all of Madden 25. Muhammad Wilkerson may eventually be worthy of a 94 overall ranking and tied for the third best defensive end in the game, but currently there is no reason for him to be ranked this high.

Muhammad is currently tied in rating with: Charles Johnson, Demarcus Ware, Justin Smith and Jason Pierre-Paul for the third best DE in the game, and he currently ranks above players such as: Julius Peppers, Jared Allen and Chris Long.

Playing in only his second NFL season last year Wilkerson managed just 5 sacks and 7 tackles for loss and wasn’t an all-pro player or a pro bowler. He did manage to tally 69 total tackles, but compare these stats to some of the players above and it’s easy to see who is the better player. Take Julius Peppers for example: he currently a 92 rating, he had 11.5 sacks and 13 tackles for a loss. On top of that he was a pro bowler and made second team All-Pro last year.

Muhammad Wilkerson may one day be the best DE in the league, but over the last two years he hasn’t shown enough to warrant a 94 rating.

Charles Tillman

Rating: 95

Position Rank: 3rd

Charles “Peanut” Tillman had one of the best seasons for a CB last year with an astonishing 10 forced fumbles and scoring three defensive touchdowns. In Madden 25 he currently ranks above such CB’s as: Brandon Flowers, Champ Bailey and Joe Haden.

Don’t get it wrong Charles Tillman deserves to be one of the highest rated CB’s in the game, but to many he is still not the greatest coverage corner in the NFL. The cornerback position is a tough position to evaluate and the current stats we focus on (tackles, interceptions, forced fumbles etc.) can be very misleading for the CB position. A player may have a ton of interceptions, but that may also be because he is so terrible at covering players that he is thrown at so often.

Charles Tillman is one of the best corners in the NFL, but if you asked many people to rank the corners in the league his name would fall below Champ Bailey, Brandon Flowers and Joe Haden.

Devin McCourty

Rating: 92

Position Rank: 3rd

This one is another head scratcher. Devin McCourty did play really well in the Free Safety position last year, but currently he is ranked above both Earl Thomas and Dashon Goldson who were both All-Pro safeties last year.

The FS position currently doesn’t have many outstanding players at the position meaning Devin McCourty probably should be ranked near the top of the list, but there is no reason that a player who didn’t even make the pro-bowl should be ranked above two All-Pro free safeties.

There are the five most overrated players in Madden 25. What do you think? Was there a player I missed? Do you not agree with these selections? Leave a comment below I would love to hear your thoughts. I will be bringing you the five most underrated players in Madden 25 tomorrow and happy football season everyone!

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