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Saying Goodbye to a Friend I Never Knew


Dear Robin,

I never got the privilege of calling you an acquaintance or even the honor of meeting you in person and the fact I never got either of those honors will be one of the saddest facts of my life.

Losing you has felt like losing a close friend. You were so kind every time I was lucky enough to watch an interview or an appearance. It felt as though I knew you and the person that was on the stage wasn’t an act but the real Robin Williams. It’s so rare for anyone, especially a celebrity, to be so open and genuine. It’s one of the reasons you felt so much like a friend to so many people.

Every time you showed up on my screen it was like sitting down with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. You’d tell me about what you had been up to since we last talked and I would sit on the edge of my seat listening to every word you had to say.

You taught me how to be myself, accept who I was. If you could stand up in front of millions of people and make a fool out of yourself it was ok for me to be a little bit different. In fact being different was good.

You showed me laughter is easily the best medicine, but not everything is a joke. And sometimes it’s more than ok to be serious.

Growing up I tried so hard to mirror your personality. I wanted to be always on and constantly making people laugh, but still be able to be taken seriously. But oddly enough it was you that helped to teach me to just be me.

I know there is nothing I could have done and I know you knew how loved you were, but I feel the only thing that I can do is to make sure I contribute to this outpour of love.

It saddens me that your story has ended, so much so that you have managed to bring tears to my eyes one last time. I hope that you have found peace and that you are in a heaven full of laughter because we sure are going to miss you down here.

Thanks for everything Robin.



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