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Infamous Second Son Review


Infamous Second Son was tasked with being the PlayStation 4’s flagship. From the moment the console was announced we were greeted with beautiful images of the main character Delsin Rowe smiling at the camera. Sony gladly showed us videos of him flying through the air smiling at the camera and dive bombing back to earth. Infamous Second Son was the game Sony wanted everyone to picture when they thought of the PS4. It was going to be the game that would start an era and demonstrate what the future had in store, and if Infamous Second Son is just the starting point then we are all in for a real treat.

Infamous Second Son takes no time throwing you into the action. Within the first ten to fifteen minutes you will have been given your powers and unleashed onto the city of Seattle. There is no long drawn out training missions or beginning story missions. Second Son wants you to feel powerful and to do as you please and takes no time in getting right down to business.

Delsin gains new powers quickly and in a matter of no time you will be flying through the air, dive bombing onto enemies and doing some serious damage. All of Delsin’s abilities feel powerful and are easily strung together. The game makes it easy to throw abilities together allowing for some awe inspiring displays of power. It’s really easy to feel like a super hero in Second Son and yet the game still challenges you.

Although you will feel like a complete bad ass the foes you’ll be going up against are no joke. It is really easy to be overwhelmed by your enemies and die, but the game does a great job of never feeling unfair or irritating and when I died it was my fault. Either I didn’t take advantage of the cover provided or I didn’t use my abilities to the full potential. The game lightly trains you in this way and by the end of the game I was no longer running along guns blazing, I was using my surroundings and gorgeous abilities to my advantage.

Delsin has the ability to use three different power classes, which I won’t spoil for you since discovering them is half the fun, but they all look amazing, especially each class’s super ability. Each ability feels like Sucker Punch is showing off what the PS4 can do, and it doesn’t disappoint. Your eyes are treated to some of the most gorgeous graphics you’ll have seen and it really makes you feel like a superhero when your spells look so amazing.

All of Delsin’s super powers look gorgeous!

The gorgeous graphics aren’t just limited to Delsin’s abilities. Delsin himself looks great and is easily one of the best animated characters in gaming. His movements are fluid and never choppy or look inhuman; he can shoot his super powers from any angle or hanging off any ledge and his punk jean jacket flaps around naturally as you soar through the city. The attention to detail in Delsin’s animation and graphics are stunning and Troy Baker’s outstanding voice acting helps to make Delsin one of the more well-rounded characters in video games today.

Troy Baker nails his performance as Delsin Rowe just like every other actor in Second Son. Every character’s voice acting in the story is great and helps to bring them to life, although many are left undeveloped.

Although Delsin and his brother Reggie are well developed, most of the other characters lack depth. Some of the more interesting secondary characters are quickly introduced and quickly removed from the story, leaving you wanting more.  Just when I felt as though I was starting to connect and get to know a character they vanished from the story completely, and Second Son could have benefited from some more meat to the story.

Reggie and Delson are entertaining and well developed characters, unfortunately they are the only two.

It would have been nice to add some more missions surrounding other character’s in order to develop them and to give the game some more depth. I can’t help but feel that a lot of time was invested in graphics, animation and gameplay, leaving less time focused on the story.

When the final boss battle rolled around I found myself disappointed, there was so much more that Second Son could have done with this interesting group of characters. The story never strays much from the main plot and it feels as though deadlines forced a cut down of what could have been a very interesting and deep story.

There are moments that it feels as though Second Son was going to build these secondary characters and introduce some other stories, but instead it drops the characters and stories quickly in order to move you on to the next major objective and unfortunately that creates a game that can be beaten in around 10 hours.

It took me two days to 100% complete Second Son with good karma. I wanted to complete everything that Second Son had to offer, I wanted to be as powerful as I could be and none of the tasks felt like a chore. But even after I had 100% completed the game I was still wanting more. As soon as the end credits had rolled I started the game over and began playing as evil in order to see how the story would play out.

Thankfully Sucker Punch did a better job of balancing good and evil abilities this time around. Unlike the last two Infamous games, being good is a lot easier this time around. Subduing your enemies instead of killing them has been made a lot easier thanks to perks that you’ll unlock as you progress through the game and good vs evil choices only affect the story instead of gameplay.

I never felt like I was missing out on a gameplay element because I was good. Unlike the last Infamous games both good and evil have perks and abilities that are awesome. Sucker Punch really managed to make both good and evil karma’s interesting to play and balanced and unlike most good and evil games Infamous Second Son kept me entertained the entire time and sparked my interest enough to make me want to play through the story twice.

Gameplay: Some of the most enjoyable super hero gameplay ever, all super powers feel and look amazing and really makes you feel like a super hero.

Graphics: The animations, super power graphics and Seattle are all gorgeous. Infamous Second Son really demonstrates what the PS4 is capable of.

Sound: The all-star cast of voice actors delivers and really helps to bring the characters to life.

Final Verdict

Infamous Second Son kicks off the PS4 era in grand fashion. With gorgeous graphics, great voice acting and gameplay the only thing that is keeping Infamous Second Son from being an instant classic is a lack of story and content, but Sony couldn’t have picked a better flagship game. If this marks just the beginning of the PS4 era I am excited to see what else is in store.

Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Overall 8