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PAX East Round 2


For the second year in a row I am off to PAX East in Boston. Last year I ventured forth into the world of PAX without a single clue of what to expect or do. Unsurprisingly there were some hiccups along the way, but this year I am excited and with one year under my belt I expect to not get my butt kicked by PAX. I am officially no longer a noob!! I am not the most experienced or knowledgeable by any means, but I am no longer a noob!

This year I will be armed with the knowledge of last year and the support of my lovely and talented girlfriend, yep somehow I manage to convince her to joining me on this journey; and in the fight against PAX East I fully expect to win round 2, which means since I win you win.

Last year I was so overwhelmed with what I was seeing and the people I was meeting that I never shared my experience or wrote about the amazing things I saw. Not this year friends, after years of procrastinating and putting it off I finally purchased a laptop and that bad boy is coming with me.

Each night after my girlfriend and I have had all the gaming we can take, I will sneak away to my hotel room (which luckily is rather close to the convention center this year) where I plan to write about all the things I have seen and heard during the day.

Unfortunately, I will not have the inside track like people that are lucky enough to call video game journalism their professions, but I will do my best to bring you some news and sneak peaks.

Stay tuned, 2015 is the Year of Tate and it’s only just beginning and as always, happy gaming!

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