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So you have nothing to play, and are looking for that new game that is going to occupy your free time. Well in what will be a continuing post me, Tate, will offer my input into the games that you should be playing right now.

Cube World:

If you haven’t heard of Cube World yet chances are that in a very short time you will. Taking pages from, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Zelda and Minecraft; Cube World is a loot hunter and RPG fans dream. The world is “infinite” and gorgeous. The amount of things to do is almost endless, and it currently is only in alpha form.

You start by choosing your race and class and then are thrown into your own unique world to explore, craft, fight, hang glide, sail and of course level. Starting out is a little daunting as its very mundane, but as soon as you reach your first level and find your first weapon you will be hooked. Just think Skyrim in pixel format and infinitely bigger.

The best part about Cube World is the size of the game. You can level up an infinite amount of times, and continue to explore your infinite world, and as I have said the game is only in its alpha stage. Meaning I fully expect more and more awesome features to be added as the popularity of the game grows.

Currently you can play online with up to four people, but the creators have mentioned they plan to implement an MMO type option. Head on over to their site and pick up the game for just over $20, you are going to want to jump on this bandwagon early.

The Last of Us: 

If you have a PS3 you must play The Last of Us. It is one of the best games to come out this generation. I can’t think of another ga2me over the last ten years that sunk its hooks into me like The Last of Us did. The story is fantastic, the characters are amazing, the world enthralling and the game play is very enjoyable. I do warn you that Naughty Dog doesn’t baby you with The Last of Us, there are definitely some intense moments. The world is hell and the game doesn’t let you forget it. If you are looking for Uncharted this is not it.

Naughty Dog has gotten progressively better throughout the years. The leap from the original Uncharted to The Last of Us is remarkable, and I look forward to seeing what they can bring in this next generation of consoles. The last three games they have created are must plays and some of the most enjoyable experiences in recent gaming. If you for some reason have been hesitant about getting The Last of Us go run to your local store and pick up a copy now.

There you have it, two very recent games that are very enjoyable and well worth your time. I will be updating you regularly in the future with games that I believe you should be playing, but until next time. Happy gaming!

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