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If you have been following my writing over the last year you have known that I have been trying my hardest to stay consistent and break into the video game industry. Well recently I went to PAX East and I learned something about me, I am not a hardcore gamer. After meeting and seeing hardcore gamers I realized I am not in the realm, and that’s ok. I am far from a casual gamer and I still know more about gaming than most of my friends, but to label me a hardcore gamer would be disrespectful of actual hardcore gamers.

These are the people that know everything about the games they play, they pick up the next great game and they are amazing at it immediately and when there is a new game out they will wait hours in order to play twenty minutes. I respect these people they know what they love and they are good at it, but I can’t pretend to write for these people on a consistent basis without feeling like a fraud. They deserve better than what I can bring them, but I don’t want to give up on writing or my pursuit of my dream. That’s where my other love comes into play, sports!

If you took the time to read my About Me section on my site you would learn that I used sports in the past to hide my love of video games at times and that I in fact am a hardcore sports fan. Yes I am willing to call myself a hardcore fan of sports. There are only a few people that I have met in my lifetime that can beat me in sports trivia or knowledge. Not just of statistics and knowledge of players, but of how the game is played. I am the fan that would stand in line for hours to meet his sports hero or spend hundreds to see my favorite team play and when the NFL Preseason rolls around I watch every snap. There is only one problem with this realization, I am not a huge fan of writing about sports. My opinions are too strong and my allegiances too thick. You ask me to write about the Steelers and I can whip out an article in minutes, but you want me to write about how amazing Joe Flacco is and there would be nothing but a pit in my stomach the entire time I would be writing about it.

So where does that leave me? Well thanks to some brainstorming with my lovely girlfriend I finally ironed out what I want to do. Sports video game journalist!

It came across my mind when I was explaining to her how excited I was about MLB 14 the Show to finally release. I wanted to finally achieve playing a full season as my beloved Detroit Tigers, and then it dawned on me. Why not document my season as if it was an actual season? Create highlights of each game (with my actual voice!), write articles detailing any highs or lows and keep stats available for anyone interested. But why stop there? When my baseball journey is over I can do a football, hockey, basketball.

And that is what I am going to do. Starting tomorrow with the release of MLB 14 the Show I will be documenting my season with the Detroit Tigers. I will not be allowed to stop any game win or lose, I will have highlights for every game posted and write articles about any thing that is happening with my team.

Of course I will still sneak in articles about other games, I still love gaming and writing about it when I have a strong opinion and knowledge but I believe this route will better suit me and propel me to the career I want and I hope to meet and gain some friends as I go.

I hope you will follow me along this journey and go Tigers!

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