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My Impressions on the GTA Online Trailer

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With just over a month until the release of Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar released a new gameplay trailer today that provided detail about the multiplayer component of GTA V. In the trailer we are introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online, which has been described as separate entity then GTA V. The three minute trailer shows off the ins and outs of this new entity; showing off everything from character customization to a content creator. Rockstar jammed a lot of content into the three minute trailer and here are my biggest takeaways and impressions.

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Two Games for One

In a recent interview with CVG Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies explains that Grand Theft Auto Online is “a different entity, a separate thing, and it’ll grow on its own. It’ll be GTA Online; it’s not part of GTA V.” He also explained that “obviously it’s set in the GTA V engine, but it’s going to grow and evolve into its own thing.” So what does this mean?

Simply put when you buy Grand Theft Auto V not only are you getting the single player game, but you are also being treated to another completely different experience and almost a completely different game. Rockstar has made it clear with the release of their trailer that Grand Theft Auto Online is its own entity, stating that their hope is that as the game continues to grow and evolve it becomes its very own game with maybe even its own locales. Essentially gamers will be getting two games for $60 on September 17th when they pick up GTA V, although gamers will have to wait until October 1st to jump into Grand Theft Auto Online.

Grand Theft Auto Online will introduce players to new missions, new voiced characters and a multitude of other things to do. Whether you choose to partake in these activities by yourself or with up to fifteen other friends is up to you. Rockstar is packing so much content into GTA V it continues to blow my mind.

The fact that when I finish GTA V single player I have a whole other story and missions to do online with my very own customizable character has made me even giddier for this game. Just from a value standpoint Grand Theft Auto V is going to be outstanding, for gamers there won’t be anything much better then GTA V to spend $60 on.

GTA Bank Robbery

It’s the GTA Online We Dreamed Of

GTA Online is what every fan of the GTA series has dreamed of. Essentially what Rockstar is giving us is a GTA MMO (without the massive, GTA Online is for up to 16 players). You create your own character and customize him or her how you desire and as you tackle missions you increase your cash and improve your player, and you can do this all with your friends.

We are going to be playing in a living breathing GTA world with our friends, and it sounds absolutely amazing. I can already picture rushing into a bank with my friends to help each other rank up and grab cash so we can buy that next awesome car I have wanted. Or seeing a mountain off in the distance and just deciding we are all going to go jump off it, and when we get bored with the missions and exploring we can jump into a death match and take on other players.  Is it just me or does this all sound like a dream come true?

Not only do I get to customize my character, level them up and purchase amazing things but I get the pure unadulterated fun that GTA is known for and I get to do it all alongside my friends. You might want to warn your significant others, as I have, that they might not be seeing a lot of you for a few months because GTA Online will be sucking up all your free time.

GTA Garage

Money, Money, Money!

Rockstar stated early on that they wanted to make money actually mean something in GTA V, and from everything that has been shown they have succeeded. The driving factor in the game seems to be to gain cash, and what you can do with that cash so far has been mind-blowing. From buying new haircuts and clothes to customize your character to buying apartments, planes, cars and garages it doesn’t seem like there will be a lack of goodies to purchase.

This is one of the things that has excited me the most about GTA V. I am a loot hunter, the reason I played WoW so much was because I wanted that next shiny piece of armor, and it was an addictive feeling to work so hard in a raid and to finally see that “purple” drop that I so desperately needed. Adding in a loot system of sorts into GTA V is going to suck time away from me. I am going to want to do that next heist or steal that next plane because I am so close to being able to buy that awesome looking chain, amazing gun or that deluxe apartment in the sky.

My only hope is that Rockstar paces the rewards well. Nothing is worse than having to do thousands of death matches or heists just to unlock an ordinary pistol or playing for an hour and you can buy anything you want. It’s not easy, but hopefully Rockstar has found a way to spread out rewards evenly. I want to constantly feel like I am on the edge of unlocking something cool, but still have to work for those jets and apartments, but if anyone can do it Rockstar can.

I Can Be a Loner

I love playing online games, meeting new people and gaming with my buddies but I also enjoy gaming by myself. This is why I am excited to hear that I can progress and take on missions by myself. I look forward to playing a few hours by myself and then being able to show off that shiny new car or gun to my buddies when they get on. There will also be times when I just don’t want to deal with the online community but I want to progress my character. Having the option to play GTA Online by myself is definitely a perk I won’t take for granted.


New Story

Since GTA Online is its own game in a sense I am hoping for a new unique story. The trailer shows off voiced NPCs we have never seen before, and what to me is dialogue for a classic first mission in the GTA world. I am excited to explore this new story that will hopefully follow my own customizable character and to take on the missions with my friends.

I Can Wait

Although GTA V is released on September 17th GTA Online won’t be playable until October 1st. This may upset some gamers, but to me this works out perfectly. It gives me two weeks with no temptation to focus fully on the single player. I have always preferred to beat the single player before playing multiplayer in any game I get, but seeing my friends on GTA Online I think would have been too tempting to pass up. I am glad I get those two weeks to experience GTA V single player fully.

Size Matters

For a game with such high aspirations it was a little disappointing to discover that GTA Online will be for up to sixteen players on one map at a time. I can’t complain too much, I mean I don’t have fifteen friends to play online with, but I can only imagine having hundreds of gamers on one map with owned apartments and houses and open world battles commencing. I don’t think I will notice when I start playing or be too upset with the size, but in a world where Battlefield 4 is introducing 64 player matches to the next gen consoles and games like Cube World are infinitely huge it’s a little disappointing to hear such a low number as sixteen.

Rockstar has shown with their two gameplay trailers they set the bar extremely high for GTA V. If everything they have demonstrated in these two trailers comes together in perfect harmony we could be looking at the game of this generation. With just over a month until release the only question left is, what the heck am I going to do for a month?

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