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Sorry for the delay, life tends to get in the way sometimes. Don’t you just hate that? Sure I took a quick break from posting the updates of Madden player ratings but EA Sports didn’t take a break from posting more top players at each position. EA has now officially covered every offensive position and moved onto the defensive side of the ball where they only have one or two more positions left to announce.

Since we have so many positions to catch up on I will list below the top five players at each position followed by my quick thoughts on each of the rankings. Let’s start with the oldest EA Sports post, Offensive Linemen, and finish with the newest, Corner Backs.

Top OL:

Players are presented as: Name, Rating,Current Team:

5. Joe Staley, 94, San Fransico 49ers

4. Trent Williams, 95, Washington Redskins

3. Josh Sutton, 97, Green Bay Packers

2. Evan Mathis, 97, Philadelphia Eagles

1. Joe Thomas, 98, Cleveland Browns

Offensive line is a hard position to evaluate unless you’ve actually played the position, which I will admit I have not. There are no stats that can make a player stand out and most NFL fans tend to watch the player with the ball while watching football. Which is why any ranking of offensive linemen in the NFL won’t bring up much controversy, just go with the names everyone knows and you’ll be safe. Which is exactly what EA seems to have done.

It is a little bit of a surprise to see Evan Mathis ranked as the number two best offensive linemen in the game howeever. Mathis is a great player, but is 32 years old and has made only one Pro-bowl, which was last year. EA seems to be very inconsistent on rewarding flash in the pan seasons. Josh Gordon can’t even crack the top 5, but Evan Mathis can be rated the second best offensive linemen over such players as: Jason Peters, Logan Mankins and Marshall Yanda?

Maybe EA Sports knows something we don’t

Top DE:

6. Muhammad Wilkerson, 93, New York Jets

5. Cameron Jordan, 93, New Orleans Saints

4. Calais Campbell, 96, Arizona Cardinals

3. Cameron Wake, 96, Miami Dolphins

2. Robert Quinn, 97, St. Louis Rams

1. J.J. Watt, 99, Houston Texans

Let’s start things off at the top, no one would argue that J.J. Watt is the best DE in football right now but a 99 rating? Again this goes back to Peyton Manning for me, if he isn’t a 99 with the historic season he had last year how can anyone be a 99?

The rest of the list is a little bit of a jumbled mess after Wake. Mario Williams and Greg Hardy who were the second team All-Pro defensive ends last year both somehow find themselves out of the top 5 and below a 93 rating and ranked below Calais Campbell who didn’t even make the pro-bowl last year.

Top DT:

5. Jurrell Casey, 93, Tennessee Titans

4. Kyle Williams, 95, Buffalo Bills

3. Gerald McCoy,95, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2. Geno Atkins, 96, Cincinnati Bengals

1. Ndamukong Suh, 97, Detroit Lions

DT like OL is another position that can be hard to evaluate. Sure there are statistics that can pop out at you, such as sacks and tackles but for a lot of DT there is a lot more they do then to make tackles and get to the QB. Which is why just like OL any ranking of this position won’t insight too much debate unless players like Suh are left off the list.

My one complaint about the rankings is Geno Atkins. Maybe it’s because I am a Steelers fan  and I see him twice a year, but I believe Atkins is the best DT in the NFL. I like Suh and agree he is dominant, but you can’t convince me that Atkins shouldn’t at least have the same rating as Suh if not higher.

Top MLB:

5. Jerod Mayo, 91, New England Patriots

4. Derrick Johnson, 91, Kansas City Chiefs

3. Luke Kuechly, 94, Carolina Panthers

2. Navarro Bowman, 96, San Francisco 49ers

1. Patrick Willis, 96, San Francisco 49ers

I have a serious bone to pick with this ranking, how is it that Luke Kuechly finds himself third and two ratings below Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman? Kuechly came into the league two years go and wins Defensive Rookie of the Year and then follows up that performance by winning overall Defensive Player of the Year last year. Kuechly will be regarded as the best MLB in the NFL within the next two years. EA doesn’t seem to want Patrick Willis to vacate that spot yet, but there can be an argument made that he already has.

I love Patrick Willis and up until last year if you had asked me to name the best MLB is in the NFL without hesitation I would have said Willis and I may still say Willis today purely because of age, but after this year I believe Kuechly will be regarded as the best MLB in the NFL. Which makes it a shame he falls 2 points below Bowman and Willis in rankings.

Top OLB:

5. Robert Mathis, 93, Indianapolis Colts

4. Lavonte David, 93, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

3. Justin Houston, 93, Kansas City Chiefs

2. Aldon Smith, 96, San Francisco 49ers

1. Von Miller, 96, Denver Broncos

Wow, the talent at the outside linebacker position has really fallen off lately. Of all the top 5 lists so far I have to say I agree the most with the OLB list which makes me a little sad. Just a few years ago we had players like James Harrison, DeMarcus Ware and Terrell Suggs playing the OLB position. There were some very fierce and talented players at the position, but now we seem to be in a bit of a transition period.

Lavonte David may develop into a consistent menace on the outside and Suggs and Ware may get back to elite statuses after a down year, but it may be young bloods that start to make this list in the future. OLB seems to be lacking in elite play-maker status more so than any position in the NFL these days, and that makes me sad because it’s one of my favorite positions in the sport.

Top CB:

5. Vontae Davis, 92, Indianapolis Colts

4. Patrick Peterson, 93, Arizona Cardinals

3. Joe Haden, 95, Cleveland Browns

2. Darrelle Revis, 97, New England Patriots

1. Richard Sherman, 99, Seattle Seahawks

I love Richard Sherman as much as the next guy, in fact I was on the front lines defending him after his post-game rant. I will also agree he is the best corner back in the NFL right now, but a 99 rating? And to rank him 2 points ahead of Revis, 4 points ahead of Harden and 6 points ahead of Peterson is a little much. Personally I believe Patrick Peterson is the second best CB in the NFL and it’s actually a lot closer than people think, but EA seems to believe Richard Sherman is leaps and bounds better than the rest in the NFL. Maybe it’s because he is on the cover?

I am also surprised to see Vontae Davis ranked ahead of Aqib Talib. I would be willing to bet that Talib sits 6th with a 91 rating right behind Davis, but it’s a little surprising that a Pro-bowler and second team All-Pro is ranked behind a player that has never made it to the Pro-bowl.

Overall though almost all the names are there that should be, but I disagree with their order.

We are almost completely through all the positions and I can safely say I disagree with a lot of the rankings, but that’s the fun of Madden ratings. They tend to spark some fierce debate and no ones opinions will be the same. Hopefully EA will have more surprises for us and keep the rating releases going all the way up to the August 26th release date.

Make sure to go to this link if you want to see any of the in game player models, and come back tomorrow to see more rankings.


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