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I Enter Into the Twitch-verse


Ladies and Gentleman: as of today (Monday 11/3/14) “The After Work Gaming Network” has started. What is “The After Work Gaming Network”, you ask?

Well it’s just my twitch channel that I will be streaming me playing games on pretty much every night… after work. Ok maybe it’s not quite as exciting as it sounds, but you definitely should check it out! I mean it’s always a blast to watch people play video games!

Starting tonight I will be posting nightly what is on the agenda for my gaming evening, and as soon as I start to game I’ll be live on twitch, free for you all to troll my gaming skills (I am kidding don’t do that, I am weak play nice).

For those of you that have been following me you may know my goal is to break into the video game journalism. I have a deep passion for gaming and love expressing my opinions through words. But in today’s world you also need to have personality on camera. Streaming games on twitch gives me a great way to get myself in front of the camera and show you all who I am and hopefully you’ll like me. I am pretty loveable!

Now I don’t claim to be the best at gaming, in fact there are some games that I am just flat out terrible at, but I promise even when I suck it should be fun to watch.

Of course I am completely new to the twitch world and will be learning as I go. I am sure for a while the broadcasts will be brutal, but hey that could be fun to watch as well. Of course I am open to suggestions and helpful hints. I look forward to meeting people along the way, and building friendships (oh so sappy).

So without further delay, what is on the schedule tonight?

Destiny! The game that has managed to dominate my free time will dominate tonight. Most of the night will be spent playing PvP, so feel free to jump in and watch my buddies and I try our best to not get steam rolled in the Crucible.

You can check out my twitch profile here:

And check out my channel here:

I hope to see you in there. Happy gaming!

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