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GTA Online has its Hooks in me and I Love It

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I sprint my character, Tateroilkap, off to the left hurdling over three walls on my way under a bridge where a drug deal is going down. My friend waits for me to get into place and then I hear the loud echoing pops of his assault rifle as I see members of the deal start to drop. I open fire aiming at every gang member I can see until no man is left standing. My buddy quickly runs in grabs the coke, we hop in the now deserted van and drive to our contact’s apartment. Another job completed and another $9,000 in my pocket. This is GTA Online at its finest and I love it.

I haven’t been able to stop playing GTA Online. Whenever I get free time I try to sneak in a job in or just log on and drive around trying to take out other players. All day long I am thinking about that moment I can get back in front of my T.V. to complete more jobs with my friends. It has been a long time since I have been this hooked to a game.

Yes right now GTA Online is a glitchfest and I have already lost over $200,000 in car mods because my car disappeared from my garage, but when GTA Online works it’s a thing a beauty. Completing jobs with my buddies is one of the most enjoyable things I have done in gaming recently. Raking in cash and leveling up is addictive and with every level I am like a kid on Christmas day waiting to see what I unlocked.

It is a shame that right now this beautiful achievement of a game is being hidden by a layer of technical issues. If you have the patience to work through loading issues and the maddening possibility of losing your character completely, I suggest hopping into the world of GTA Online.

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