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Excitement Waning for Next Gen Consoles


We are officially less than a month away from the PS4 launch and just over a month until the Xbox One release. Can you feel the excitement? No? You aren’t the only one. It has been hard for me to get excited for this generation of consoles. Maybe it’s because I am in my mid-twenties this time or maybe it’s the fact that the jump from this generation to the next doesn’t feel as large as other generations, but whatever it is I am not counting the days until I can buy a next gen console.

A few months ago I finally built up some excitement for this generation during E3 week. The showmanship of both Microsoft and Sony hooked me and even convinced me to preorder a PS4.

As the months went on I got even more excited. The consoles seemed awesome the ideas were great and the launch titles for both consoles were actually rather strong. In fact at that time it would have been an easy argument to say they were the strong launch lineups of any console in the history of gaming.

I was so excited that I preordered Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4. These were both no brainers; the Battlefield series is one of the most enjoyable first person shooter experiences and ever since the first preview for Watch Dogs the game had a look of a high quality title. This was going to be a perfect combination, a shooter that can be played with friends and an open world game that would provide an awesome single player experience. Finally I was excited.

Yesterday Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs release date had been delayed to sometime between April 1st and June 30th of 2014 and The Crew’s release date had been delayed to sometime between July 1st and September 30th of 2014. Watch Dogs has shown serious promise and has generated a lot of excitement and would have been a strong title to have as a launch title.

With Watch Dogs release date being delayed both the Xbox One and PS4’s launch lineup has been severely weakened. Plus there are now rumors that Sony’s Drive Club will be delayed until 2014. With only a month until the beginning of this generation the excitement is starting to wane.

With the loss of Watch Dogs and Drive Club being delayed to 2014 the PS4 has three first person shooters, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts and Killzone Shadow Fall and Assassin’s Creed IV as the flagship titles for launch.

All of these titles have shown promise and more than likely will be good games, but for gamers the first few months with their PS4 will be spent with first person shooters and Assassin’s Creed IV that is the sequel to arguably one of the most disappointing games of last year. Suddenly that legendary launch lineup isn’t looking so legendary anymore.

Of course there are other game’s being released for the PS4 come November 15th. Any sports fan can buy the first installments of the next generation of sports games, but they tend to never quite live up to the hype. Knack has the potential to be a fun game, but continues to look as though it will be rather short in length and geared more towards children. Also if gamers haven’t play Injustice Gods Among Us yet they can pick up the “Ultimate Edition” at launch.

Xbox One has a little stronger of a launch lineup with Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome. Forza Motorsport 5 provides the racing game that will have hours of gameplay and Dead Rising 3 looks like it will be an open world adventure blast, but with the loss of Watch Dogs both these lineups just feeling lacking.

None of these titles quite have the appeal as Watch Dogs does. They all sound enjoyable, but Watch Dogs has the feeling of a triple A title. A game that could be released at any time and be a large success and be the start of a new franchise. None of the other launch titles has that feel. It would have been a huge treat for gamers to be able to get their hands on this title on launch day.

Sure Watch Dogs is only one game, but unless Assassin’s Creed IV is a great game there isn’t much in these launch lineups for gamers that aren’t sports or first person shooter fans. The launch lost the game that felt the most like a game changer, and with it gone it feels like another launch lacking depth.

I fully expect to have fun playing Battlefield 4 and CoD Ghosts will be another classic CoD experience. I am also sure that ACIV will be enjoyable, but when gamers are bored of playing these games in a month there won’t be much more to turn to. A pitfall many consoles have fallen into in the past.

There is still hope though. Assassin’s Creed IV could come out and be the best of the series and blow everyone away and a lot signs point to a better and more enjoyable experience in ACIV than its predecessors. Of course there can potentially be a very strong indie game released in the launch window and who knows maybe there will be another game that catches us completely off guard. But with less than a month to go until my PS4 will be on my doorstep I can honestly say my excitement level as been severally lowered.

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