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EA Releases Top RB and FB in Madden 15


Another day another Madden 15 ratings release, this time we get a sneak peak at the top 5 running backs and full backs. These two ratings don’t bring with them too much controversy as the players you’d expect to be at the top of the list are and each list is lacking in surprises.

Adrian Peterson obviously sits atop the best RBs in the league with a 98 rating and is followed by LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles who both sport a 97 overall rating. These three running backs are the elite backs in the NFL these days and deserve to be rated as such and rating Adrian Peterson slight ahead of LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles won’t upset too many people. Matt Forte and Marshawn “Skittles” Lynch finish off the list with a 95 rating.

The only player with any argument to have made the list is Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris. Last season he had more yards on fewer carries then Marshawn Lynch did, but with the NFL switching to more of a running back by committee these days there seems to be less and less All-star caliber running backs.

The full back ratings are just as uncontroversial as the running back ratings. John Kuhn of the Green Bay Packers tops the list with a 93 rating and is followed by Mike Tolbert of the Carolina Panthers and Marcel Reece of the Oakland Raiders who both have a 92 rating.

It can be argued that Kuhn shouldn’t be the top rated FB in the game, although he is a fan favorite both Reece and Tolbert produced more for their teams in 2013. Out of the three Mike Tolbert had the best statistical season last year and in my opinion Marcel Reece is the best all around FB in the game. It sort of feels as if EA just went with Kuhn because of the love affair that Green Bay fans have with him, but the difference is a mere one point.

Below is the ratings for the RBs and FBs and you can click the link here to see screen shots of the RB player models and click here to see screen shots of the FB player models. 

Top RBs:

Players are presented as: Name, Rating,Current Team:

5. Marshawn Lynch, 95, Seattle Seahawks

4. Matt Forte, 95, Chicago Bears

3. Jamaal Charles, 97, Kansas City Chiefs

2. Lesean McCoy, 97, Philadelphia Eagles

1. Adrian Peterson, 98, Minnesota Vikings

Top FBs:

Players are presented as: Name, Rating,Current Team:

5. Jerome Felton, 88, Minnesota Vikings

4. Anthony Sherman, 90, Kansas City Chiefs

3. Marcel Reece, 92, Oakland Raiders

2. Mike Tolbert, 92, Carolina Panthers

1. John Kuhn, 93, Green Bay Packers


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