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Dude Beats Zelda Ocarina of Time In Less Than 20 Min


With a little help from a faster version of Zelda Ocarina of Time and some nifty glitches the player named Cosmo beat¬†Zelda Ocarina of Time in 19 min 15 seconds and claimed the world record. The whole video is a lot of fun to watch if you are a total nerd like I am, but some of the highlights for those of us that don’t have a little less then 20 min to spare.

  • At the 3:38 mark Cosmo starts his journey with some nifty back flipping
  • At the 5:23 mark Cosmo performs one of the first glitches in his run to escape from Kokiri Forest having only collected his sword.
  • At the 6:18 mark another glitch is performed that glides Link straight to Kakariko Village
  • At the 11:41 mark he performs a glitch to get him right to the boss in the Great Deku Tree
  • At the 12:32 mark he beats Gohma by warping through a door
  • At the 13:22 mark Cosmo performs a nifty warping glitch to take him straight to¬†Ganondorf’s castle for the last boss
  • At the 15:13 mark he performs a cool transport glitch to take him right to the end of the castle run
  • And at 18:30 he starts his glitch filled final boss battle with Gannondorf

The entire run is impressive and a joy to watch, you can see the entire run below or click the links to watch the specific moments I described. The run consists of certain stages and he has the entire run timed like a race on the left hand side of the screen.

You can read more about Cosmo’s run and more information on speed runs over at the original post on Kotaku.

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