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Over the next few weeks I will be giving my reasons why it is great to be a fan of each NFL team. Each week I will cover three teams (increasing to four for the final two weeks) ending the week of the NFL Draft. Starting at the top of the draft order (Houston Texans) and ending with the Super […]

Last year I attempted to write a post each week leading up to the NFL Draft stating who I would select if I was the GM for that team. Each week I covered three teams set to have the last post the week of the NFL Draft. Unfortunately I didn’t make it very far and I stopped after about four […]

Yesterday after the Seattle Seahawks win over the San Francisco 49ers Richard Sherman had some very colorful things to say about Michael Crabtree in a post-game interview with Erin Andrews. By this time you have most likely already seen this post-game interview (if you haven’t I have posted the video below) and have taken to social media to either ridicule […]