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What is your Video Game Acceptance Letter?

This past week my girlfriend received her acceptance letter from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She had been working towards this dream for the last year and when her acceptance letter finally came it was a moment of pure enjoyment for her. Something that she had worked so hard for had finally come to fruition. All of her hours […]

Excitement Waning for Next Gen Consoles

We are officially less than a month away from the PS4 launch and just over a month until the Xbox One release. Can you feel the excitement? No? You aren’t the only one. It has been hard for me to get excited for this generation of consoles. Maybe it’s because I am in my mid-twenties this time or maybe it’s […]

Video Game Obsessions

If you have been reading my blog or simply look at the last few articles I have posted you can easily figure out what I am playing right now, GTA V/GTA Online. For a solid month I have been playing this game every day and at every chance I can get. I cruised through the story finishing up just in […]

Stop Attacking Gamer’s for Being Upset with Rockstar

Earlier today I was reading up on some video game sites, as I always do, trying to get the news of the day and inspiration for writing when I got home from work. I stumbled upon the news on Kotaku that Rockstar had issued a patch that would fix the disappearing character issue. In the story it was noted that […]

Online Launch Disasters: You Should Be Angry

Yesterday at 7 AM Eastern time Grand Theft Auto Online was “released”. As most people could have guessed there were millions of people waiting for the doors to open, and unfortunately as most people could have guessed the majority of gamers trying to venture into GTA Online were met with errors and an unplayable mess. This is nothing new when […]

Mutant League Football Kickstarter Remake

After 20 years of wishing and praying there may finally be hope for the fans of Mutant League Football. Michael Mendheim the creator of Mutant League Football just announced a Kickstarter today (9/16/2013) for a full remake of the beloved 1993 Sega Genesis game. The over the top football simulation game for the Sega Genesis was released in 1993 and […]

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review

The JRPG genre has been lacking in triple-a titles as of late. Once a dominant genre with the likes of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Phantasy Star constantly pumping out great titles, the genre has hit a low point over the last few years. Many fans of the genre had put high expectations into Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the […]

What I am Currently Playing 9/06/2013

If you are following me on a regular basis than thank you and you know that each week I write up on Friday’s what I have been playing over the last week and what I plan to play over the next week. Last week was the start of college football which is a pseudo holiday for my friends and I, […]

The Five Most Overrated Players in Madden 25

With the Denver Broncos and the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens set to faceoff tonight the NFL season is upon us. In honor of its return I bring you the five most overrated players in Madden 25 and tomorrow I will be bringing you the top five most underrated players. With every version of Madden there is bound to […]

Madden 25 first impressions

Football season is just around the corner; in fact the college football season starts tomorrow at 6 PM when my South Carolina Gamecocks take on the University of North Carolina Tar heels. With the start of football season comes another Madden Football game. Madden 25 (the title number scheme has been changed to celebrate 25th anniversary of Madden Football) was […]