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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


There really is no better time of the year for gaming than these next few months. With the temperatures dropping and life seeming to just slow down in general, this is the time of year gamers are looking forward to. Life is so hectic and as you grow older it seems to leave less and less time for gaming. With […]


Sony just dropped a huge bomb on the gaming community and people don’t even seem to realize. On October 28th, which is tomorrow, the PS4 will be getting an update with a slew of cool new tricks but there is one feature I am super giddy about, ‘Share Play’! ‘Share Play’ allows you to either let your friend play a […]

Whatcha Playing!? 10-24-2014


It’s officially the weekend! The end of another workweek has come. For the next two days I have all the free time I could want, to just sit back relax, sleep and of course play video games. Each Friday when I am actually writing consistently (FOR SHAME!) I like to give an update on all the games I have played […]

I Want That! (Sunset Overdrive)


I am not a fan boy. In fact I strongly believe that life is way too short and there are too many good video games out there to be a fan boy, you just miss out on so much! With that said, my bank account isn’t flushed with cash. So when the current generation of video game consoles came out […]

Where You Been!?


If you have been following me you know I have been trying for the last year to make this writing thing a regular occurrence, and I am sure you also know that I have failed. Life has gotten in the way multiple times, and to be perfectly honest so have video games. I mean have you played some of the […]

State O' Emergency Logo White (Test)

After a long layoff the boys are back to bring you their take on everything sport related. In the first official episode since their return Ryan, Stevan and Tate preview the upcoming NCAA Football season for all five power conferences as well as discuss who will win the Heisman and the first ever Division I NCAA Football playoff (The fans […]

Saying Goodbye to a Friend I Never Knew


Dear Robin, I never got the privilege of calling you an acquaintance or even the honor of meeting you in person and the fact I never got either of those honors will be one of the saddest facts of my life. Losing you has felt like losing a close friend. You were so kind every time I was lucky enough […]


Sorry for the delay, life tends to get in the way sometimes. Don’t you just hate that? Sure I took a quick break from posting the updates of Madden player ratings but EA Sports didn’t take a break from posting more top players at each position. EA has now officially covered every offensive position and moved onto the defensive side of the ball where they only have […]

Destiny Beta: This Could Be Special


My dream game would allow me to play for hours on end while sitting on my couch with a controller in my hands, the main character in this game would be a character that I built and was unique to me. I could spend hours exploring the world in order to acquire gear that would make my character more powerful […]

Top 5 TEs and WRs in Madden 15


Continuing on the offensive side of the ball EA released the list of the top five tight ends and wide receivers in this years Madden 15. As would be expected the WR list seems to bring some controversy and the TE list is just a mess. With the NFL moving to more of a passing league WR seems to be the most […]