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Yesterday after the Seattle Seahawks win over the San Francisco 49ers Richard Sherman had some very colorful things to say about Michael Crabtree in a post-game interview with Erin Andrews. By this time you have most likely already seen this post-game interview (if you haven’t I have posted the video below) and have taken to social media to either ridicule Richard Sherman or praise him, but I think there are a few important things that everyone needs to stop and realize.

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Richard Sherman? Who?

First, Richard Sherman knew what he was doing and everyone did exactly what he wanted. Did you know who Richard Sherman was prior to last night? Did you know that he is hands down the best corner in the NFL right now?  Well you do now.

What I bet you didn’t know is that he currently is making $555k and according to ranks 162nd out of 247 in salary rank at his position. To go along with that he enters a contract year next year, meaning a new contract will need to be renegotiated soon.

Richard Sherman last night made himself millions of dollars in both future endorsements and salary with his play on the field and also with actions off. Yes I said endorsements.

Richard Sherman just went from a name and face that only big time football and Seattle fans knew to one of the most recognizable mugs and names in the NFL. There will be companies and teams lining up to pay Richard Sherman to endorse their product and play for them.

Sure not every company and team wants a loud trash talking CB, but how many commercials do you see Joe Haden, Darrelle Revis, Troy Polamalu, Earl Thomas, Eric Weddle, Eric Berry and Ed Reed in? Not many if at all, but in just his third year Richard Sherman is constantly showing up on Subway and Beats by Dre commercials. Most NFL defensive backs don’t ever sniff those types of endorsements.

Companies want familiar faces to endorse their products. Players that people will see and immediately know who they are. This is why most of the endorsement deals go to QBs, RBs and WRs, but with his actions last night Richard Sherman has now made himself a household name. Almost all NFL fans now know who Richard Sherman is and that’s what companies want.

The thug argument…

Within minutes of Richard Sherman’s post-game interview I saw posts on Facebook and twitter proclaiming Richard Sherman a dumb thug. Couple things you might want to know before you throw that out there:

1) In high school Richard Sherman was ranked second in GPA in his class and was a scholar athlete.

2) He went to Stanford which USNews ranked 5th among national universities, giving them a higher rank then such schools as Duke, MIT and UPenn, and no one can argue Richard Sherman only got in because he played football.

3) He graduated with a degree in communications and went back to school for is final year of eligibility in order to start work towards his masters.

Just because someone plays football and likes to trash talk doesn’t make them a dumb thug. In fact I would be willing to bet that Richard Sherman is smarter than me and you.

Also he seems to be a pretty fun guy!

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Clean up your backyard first

Your team has a Richard Sherman and you praise him. Being a Steelers fan I can name multiple Richard Shermans that have played for the Steelers in my lifetime. Ike Taylor makes a fool out of himself constantly; Joey Porter trash talked just about every game and constantly made comments to the press. You Panther fans love when Steve Smith runs his mouth, Raven fans love it when Terrelle Suggs talks trash about the Steelers and all you 49er fans complaining, did you watch Anquan Boldin all year? Heck, did you watch him last week against the Panthers?

Stop acting like this is something new, it happens just about every week and if Richard Sherman was on your team you’d love every second of it. Trash talking is part of the game it’s fun!

We want these guys to be dogs on the field play angry and then expect them to flip the switch minutes after the game. It isn’t going to happen. If you are under the assumption that it’s all nice and everyone is classy on and off the field in the NFL you are living in a fantasy world.

He is right… sort of

Richard Sherman didn’t say anything racist, vulgar or really anything that is inaccurate. When Michael Crabtree plays the Seahawks he is nothing but mediocre at best. Here are Crabtree’s stat lines against the Seahawks since Richard Sherman entered the NFL:

1 Rec 4 Yards 0 TDs

5 Rec 85 Yards 0 TDs

4 Rec 31 Yards 0 TDs

4 Rec 65 Yards 0 TDs

4 Rec 40 Yards 0 TDs

4 Rec 52 Yards 0 TDs

If you are Richard Sherman and never watch Crabtree except for when you play him and on tape the week prior, what would make you believe he is not a mediocre receiver?

I personally disagree and think Crabtree is actually a good WR, but it is hard to argue that when Crabtree plays the Seahawks he is nothing but mediocre.

He did take it too far

When Richard Sherman had some time to calm down and was still attacking Crabtree he crossed the line. There is no need to continue the tirade after the initial comments and I am sure Richard Sherman has learned that.

I understand the immediate reaction by Richard Sherman. He just propelled his team to the Super Bowl with a magnificent play and was fired up. If you have ever played a sport you know how emotions can get the best of you. I can’t even imagine what my reaction would have been, but when you go to the shower have some time to breathe and still decide that you want to bash a player in the post-game press conference and then take to twitter that’s over the line.

Sherman won’t stop trash talking, but I would be willing to bet he never takes it this far again.

I loved what Richard Sherman did and I love Richard Sherman, but I get why there are some people out there that don’t like him or what he does. I just ask that you please be educated before you attack him. Don’t call arguably one of the smartest people in the NFL a dumb thug because he plays football and don’t be a hypocrite and praise players on your team for doing exactly what Richard Sherman does.

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