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Need a New Game?

So you have nothing to play, and are looking for that new game that is going to occupy your free time. Well in what will be a continuing post me, Tate, will offer my input into the games that you should be playing right now. Cube World: If you haven’t heard of Cube World yet chances are that in a […]

Why the Bioshock Movie Might Just Work

Video game movies just seem to not work. From the historically bad Super Mario Bros to the decent Prince of Persia they all just don’t grab the attention they should. It seems like a perfect media to translate onto the big screen, there is already a loyal fan base, characters that have a deep background and a world that has […]

We’re Live

What do you get when you put two best friends together, a love for video games and egos the size of Texas? You get Garnet Lantern of course! After months of talk and hot air, the two founders of Garnet Lantern decided to finally act and bring our vision to life. In the upcoming days we will be updating the […]