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PAX East Day 2

AM or PM? Thanks to an AM PM mix up when setting the alarm, my girlfriend and I woke up 30 minutes later than was planned. We quickly scrambled to get ready, well I scrambled my girlfriend was in no rush to return to the cold. Even with the alarm mishap we managed to make it to the convention center […]

PAX East 2015 Day 1

The Adventure Begins… Coldly. I am not sure if you know this, but it’s COLD in Boston. My PAX East 2015 adventure began at 7:00 AM in the blistering cold. After grabbing some Dunkin’ Donuts my fantastic girlfriend and I braved the cold and stood in line to wait for the doors of the convention center to open at 8:00 […]

PAX East Round 2

For the second year in a row I am off to PAX East in Boston. Last year I ventured forth into the world of PAX without a single clue of what to expect or do. Unsurprisingly there were some hiccups along the way, but this year I am excited and with one year under my belt I expect to not […]

Video Game Pricing is Whack Jack!

If you are a gamer and haven’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks then it is likely that you have heard that The Order 1886 takes roughly 10 hours of game time to beat. The Order also offers no multiplayer and apparently there is no real reason to return to the game after completing the linear […]

Evolve Forces You to be a Team and I Love It

I grew up loving and playing football, one of the most team oriented sports there is. My coaches, my family and even to a point my teachers preached one thing: “no one is bigger than the team”. It was so engrained into me through my childhood and teenage life that it’s been a driving factor in how I live my […]

Tips to Not Suck at Evolve

Last Friday night I finally decided to throw my copy of Evolve into my PS4 and ventured forth to the planet of Shear for some good old fashion monster hunting. Now I must admit I was a little nervous at first, Evolve is a game that requires coordination and teamwork and personally I hate to let my team down. So […]

After Work Gaming – Whatcha Up To?

The Holiday season is upon us and with that means I keep getting busier and busier. So, with that in mind I wanted to provide you all a glimpse into what the future holds for my gaming life for the near future. As you all know these next few weeks and months are crammed full of top tier title releases, […]

After Work Gaming: Vault O’ Glass – Destiny Raid

In the second episode of After Work Gaming, my buddies and I take on Destiny’s raid: Vault of Glass. Come watch us try to conquer Aethon, without trying to cheese him and hopefully I get some raid gear to finally get my Titan up to 30. We would love to have you! So come watch us on my twitch channel: […]

I’m Sorry Far Cry 4, You Deserve Better

I have a problem friends, a good problem but still a problem. The gaming season seems to have done it to me again. Every year no matter how hard I plan or try to avoid it, a great game is destined to get their feelings hurt. It’s the problem all us gamers want to have, too many games you want […]

I Enter Into the Twitch-verse

Ladies and Gentleman: as of today (Monday 11/3/14) “The After Work Gaming Network” has started. What is “The After Work Gaming Network”, you ask? Well it’s just my twitch channel that I will be streaming me playing games on pretty much every night… after work. Ok maybe it’s not quite as exciting as it sounds, but you definitely should check […]