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After Work Gaming – Whatcha Up To?


The Holiday season is upon us and with that means I keep getting busier and busier. So, with that in mind I wanted to provide you all a glimpse into what the future holds for my gaming life for the near future.

As you all know these next few weeks and months are crammed full of top tier title releases, and I like most of you will be picking up many of these games. The plan is to stream and game with you all over this Holiday season.

So what will I be playing?

Tonight! On my twitch channel, which you can find right here or in the link below, my friends and I will be taking on Destiny’s vaunted raid: Vault of Glass. If all of us have our big boy pants on we will venture into the even more vaunting Hard Mode.

This super exciting adventure will begin around 7:30 PM EST and of course I would love to have you all along for the ride.

What’s in store for tomorrow?

Currently there aren’t any plans, but the hope is that GameFly gets their things in order and I return home from work to find Diablo III for the PS4 comfortably sitting in my mailbox.

Now Diablo III on the PC has already sucked a multitude of hours from my life and I plan to have many more hours ripped away thanks to the PS4 version. Of course Diablo III is a game best played with friends, which means I obviously will be trying to recruit a few friends to come along. It goes without saying, but the more the merrier, which means you are more than welcome to join.

The big one!

On Thursday the moment I have been waiting for months will have arrived: the release of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.

Now a younger version of myself, or a version with no job, well actually a version of me that had PTO (Paid Time Off) and took Thursday off would be playing this game at 3 AM EST. Unfortunately the real version of me is working on Thursday. So I will be dreaming of experience points and dungeons all night and during the workday all Thursday.

Of course as you may know, I am new to this whole twitch, streaming, thingymabob (that’s what old people call things they don’t understand, right?). Which means that some hardcore research, AKA Googling, is in my future in order for me to get WoW streaming down. I’m a smart cookie so it shouldn’t take long and when I do figure it out I hope you’ll join me in my adventure through Draenor.

Remainder of the year:

As the year continues to wind down it is inevitable that I will find myself with more and more free time, and the result in some interesting gaming.

Do I play Dragon Age Inquisition? Maybe I decide to crack and purchase Far Cry 4 and of course there is constantly sports games to be played. NBA 2K15 is already working to squeeze itself into the Holiday Gaming.

If you are bored and need something to do I’ll be gaming and would love for you to join me as I work through my hodgepodge collection of games.

I hope to see you all on twitch this evening and beyond, and I hope that your Holiday gaming season is a magical one. Don’t worry friends I will still find time to write and work on the many projects I have in store.

I love you all!

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