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483765_10151339342041658_936521109_nAbout Me: 

My name is Taylor, but everyone calls me Tate. Ever since I can remember I have loved video games. They took me to worlds that other media couldn’t, and gave me experiences that nothing else could. I developed early on a deep passion for gaming, more so than any other normal child in the 90s did. I learned quickly that I was more of a fanatic then my friends, and started to hide my passion for video games.

Video games always seemed to be my dirty little secret; I had been taught that I should be playing outside with friends and that video games were a waste of my time and would get me nowhere. Not knowing any better I accepted the fact this and treated video games as nothing more than a hobby I kept to myself.

On the outside I portrayed myself as a comical jock who was a casual gamer. Instead of expressing my love for video games I expressed my love for sports, a more acceptable obsession in the eyes of my peers and adults. I was very social and had many friends, but only talked about video games with a few of my closer friends. Even when I did I would catch myself being more engaged and knowledgeable in the conversation then the people I was talking with. I never let on that my nights would be spent playing Final Fantasy XI until 1 AM or that on the weekends I didn’t go out I was spending the night playing my PS2 or Xbox.

I had two worlds I was living in, as I am sure most teenagers do, I was in a world where I was an athlete a social guy that was a sports junky and I had the world I would come home to where I would lock myself in the basement playing hours upon hours of video games and only come up for food and water. I knew my gaming world wasn’t a reality and I did all I could to keep that world from crossing over into my “real world”.

When college rolled around and my future was at stake video games never crossed my mind. It had been drilled into my mind so much that there was no future there I had accepted it and I decided upon a major I knew would land me a job and make me money rather than pursue a passion.

I graduated with a major in corporate finance and a minor in pre-med. I left the University of South Carolina (GO COCKS!!) and started my pursuit for a financial job. This was the first time I started to look at video games as a future, although not in a way most think about, I was going to be a financial analyst for a gaming company. Although this job didn’t seem to fulfill a dream it at least felt attainable and within the realm of video games. After a few months of searching for any financial job in the video game industry and submitting countless résumés I moved on. It had been a rough six months and I just needed a job!

I landed a great opportunity at a VoIP (voice over I.P.) service provider as a junior financial analyst. I was happy to have a salary a real job, but the video game dream had died once again.

After two years of working at my current job as a now financial analyst II, I know that my true passion lies in video games and I plan to make it not only my passion but my career. I am currently perusing a career in the video game industry either as a journalist, hence the blog, or a programmer. I understand its a huge transition, but I am motivated and I know I can do an excellent job for the one person that decides to give me the opportunity to fulfill my dream.

Below I have provided a small résumé demonstrating the skills I learned from these jobs that would translate to a job in video game journalism as well as some writing samples. Please if you can help in anyway feel free to contact me. I appreciate you reading and giving me an opportunity and I can’t wait to hear from you.


Name: Tate O’Brochta

Contact: (June 2011 – Present)

Financial Analyst I                                                                                                           

Investigated and provided reports on the business unit’s COGS, revenue and Opex as well as worked to increase the visibility of financial information in the complicated world of telecommunications.

Writing: Wrote weekly and monthly reports that were sent to the majority of the company providing findings on revenue changes and findings.

Investigation: Learned to use any tool available to investigate any financial anomalies.

Skyhawks (June 2009 – August 2009)


Managed four employees a week and was responsible for the safety of upwards of 20 children. Was also responsible for daily updates and communication with supervisors to develop ideas for bettering the camp.

Writing: Learned to articulate in a professional manner in daily updates with supervisor on how camps were being run and if any assistance was needed.

Patience: Worked with children from the age of 3-10 during summer vacation. Patience was mandatory in order to run a successful and enjoyable camp.

Starbucks (July 2010 – January 2011)


Worked as a team to provide customers with beverages while maximizing efficiency and production rate as well as ensuring customer satisfaction and appreciation.

Teamwork: Learned to work in a team setting to achieve goals in a timely manner.

Writing Samples


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