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I’m Sorry Far Cry 4, You Deserve Better


I have a problem friends, a good problem but still a problem. The gaming season seems to have done it to me again. Every year no matter how hard I plan or try to avoid it, a great game is destined to get their feelings hurt.

It’s the problem all us gamers want to have, too many games you want to play. With all these games vying for my time and money I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance.

Each commercial that pops up on YouTube or T.V. feels as though they are saying, “Hey Tate! What you up to next week? Wanna go out?”

I want to say yes to all of them, they all have such great qualities. Some of them are funny others super interesting and some just have that hot look that drives me wild, but I can’t, that’s not fair to me or to them. So I must choose and with choosing comes losers.

I’m a nice guy, I want to give them all a chance. Unfortunately it seems as though Far Cry 4 will be the victim this year. My desire to sink hours upon hours into Far Cry 4 is serious. I really like this game. I mean it, I do. It has so many redeeming qualities: a good sense of humor, adventurous and it doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eyes. It just came along during a bad time in my gaming life.

It’s not my fault I swear, I blame the gaming industry. By cramming the months of November and December full of great titles it just becomes impossible for me to play every game.

Why Far Cry 4 though? I promise it has nothing to do with quality or my excitement level. In fact thanks to the trailers continuously being pumped out over the last month, my excitement level for Far Cry 4 is right at the top of my list (good job marketing team… you win). Which is why this is tough for me.

Unfortunately for Far Cry 4 its release falls right in line with the two games that I have already pledged my holiday gaming time to: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and Dragon Age Inquisition. These games aren’t better than Far Cry 4, their just different, and I already promised them my time. A man has to stick to his word!

It’s just not fair to Far Cry 4 for me to try and squeeze some free time into my schedule. It just won’t work, it deserves better.

Far Cry deserves my full attention and devotion. It deserves me to sitting on the edge of my seat at work counting down the hours until I can finally play, not me trying to schedule it into my busy gaming schedule.

I think when Far (we’re on a first name basis now) really thinks about it, it’s what it would want too. Nobody wants to sit around collecting dust for months as they watch other games being played. Just ask NHL 15 and NBA 2k15 right now. I am sure there is some serious jealousy towards Shadows of Mordor and Destiny between those two.

So I am sorry Far Cry 4, it’s not you it’s me. You deserve better and maybe in the near future our paths will cross again and I will be in a better place to provide you with the attention you need.

Let’s at least still be friends though, and I will always love you.



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