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After Work Gaming – Whatcha Up To?

The Holiday season is upon us and with that means I keep getting busier and busier. So, with that in mind I wanted to provide you all a glimpse into what the future holds for my gaming life for the near future. As you all know these next few weeks and months are crammed full of top tier title releases, […]

After Work Gaming: Vault O’ Glass – Destiny Raid

In the second episode of After Work Gaming, my buddies and I take on Destiny’s raid: Vault of Glass. Come watch us try to conquer Aethon, without trying to cheese him and hopefully I get some raid gear to finally get my Titan up to 30. We would love to have you! So come watch us on my twitch channel: […]

I’m Sorry Far Cry 4, You Deserve Better

I have a problem friends, a good problem but still a problem. The gaming season seems to have done it to me again. Every year no matter how hard I plan or try to avoid it, a great game is destined to get their feelings hurt. It’s the problem all us gamers want to have, too many games you want […]

I Enter Into the Twitch-verse

Ladies and Gentleman: as of today (Monday 11/3/14) “The After Work Gaming Network” has started. What is “The After Work Gaming Network”, you ask? Well it’s just my twitch channel that I will be streaming me playing games on pretty much every night… after work. Ok maybe it’s not quite as exciting as it sounds, but you definitely should check […]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

There really is no better time of the year for gaming than these next few months. With the temperatures dropping and life seeming to just slow down in general, this is the time of year gamers are looking forward to. Life is so hectic and as you grow older it seems to leave less and less time for gaming. With […]