Garnet Lantern

A unique video game experience

Sony just dropped a huge bomb on the gaming community and people don’t even seem to realize. On October 28th, which is tomorrow, the PS4 will be getting an update with a slew of cool new tricks but there is one feature I am super giddy about, ‘Share Play’! ‘Share Play’ allows you to either let your friend play a […]

Whatcha Playing!? 10-24-2014

It’s officially the weekend! The end of another workweek has come. For the next two days I have all the free time I could want, to just sit back relax, sleep and of course play video games. Each Friday when I am actually writing consistently (FOR SHAME!) I like to give an update on all the games I have played […]

I Want That! (Sunset Overdrive)

I am not a fan boy. In fact I strongly believe that life is way too short and there are too many good video games out there to be a fan boy, you just miss out on so much! With that said, my bank account isn’t flushed with cash. So when the current generation of video game consoles came out […]

Where You Been!?

If you have been following me you know I have been trying for the last year to make this writing thing a regular occurrence, and I am sure you also know that I have failed. Life has gotten in the way multiple times, and to be perfectly honest so have video games. I mean have you played some of the […]