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EA Announces PGA Tour

EA announced their golf simulator PGA Tour with a very short trailer at their E3 conference this past Monday. The trailer showed off some impressive graphics as the camera panned over beautifully rendered golf courses. Also in the trailer we were given a quick glimpse into the fantasy golf courses that will be in the game. This particular hole was a Battlefield 4 themed […]

NHL 15 is Jaw Droppingly Gorgeous

EA at their E3 press conference on Monday showed off the first gameplay footage of their upcoming hockey simulator NHL 15 and it is jaw droopingly gorgeous. All the footage in the trailer was captured from actual gameplay and if you are a hockey fan you will be drooling after watching it. The first scene we see is of Madison Square […]

The Sims 4 Gets a Release Date and New Trailer

EA has finally announced the release date for the new installment in The Sims franchise as well as showed off some of the game and a new trailer. In the demo we were shown how personality traits can play a roll in your Sims everyday life. We are introduced to Chuck, a hot headed bodybuilder who also loves poetry. When Chuck shares his […]

New The Division Trailer and Gameplay

Another E3 and another look at Ubisoft’s ambitious title The Division. During Xbox’s press conference we were treated to yet another game play video and a cinematic CGI trailer was presented at Ubisoft’s very own press conference. The gameplay video starts off high above NYC and slowly pans down into the subway system. As you go lower and lower the detail of the city […]

Bioware Announces New Mass Effect and New I.P.

In a short video at the EA E3 press conference on Monday Bioware announced that the Mass Effect series will be coming to this generation of consoles. The video doesn’t show much and wasn’t even a trailer for the new game, but gave some quick glimpses into what we can expect from the new iteration. We are given quick glimpses at conceptual art […]

Crackdown Announced for Xbox One

After almost four years since the release of Crackdown 2, fans of the series are finally getting their wish granted. To close out their E3 Press conference Microsoft announced the franchise will be coming to the Xbox One, with a new game title simply Crackdown. The announcement was in the form of a CGI trailer. To clarify this is a brand new […]

New Tomb Raider Announced with Trailer

Last year Crystal Dynamics gave us their re-boot of the Tomb Raider series. It was a gritty and more story driven game then it’s predecessors taking obvious inspiration from the Uncharted franchise. With large set pieces and great cinematic, but having a much darker tone from the Uncharted series.  The game was meant to be the origin story of Lara Croft and now we have […]

All the Halo Games in One Place

We may be a year away from the next iteration in the Halo franchise but Microsoft has you covered with the Halo Master Chief Collection. For the first time ever you can have every single Halo game in one place and all are upgraded for the Xbox One. Microsoft also announced that in honor of Halo 2’s anniversary the original Halo 2 multiplayer will be included with […]

Conker is Coming to Xbox One… Sort of

On Monday during Xbox’s E3 press conference, Microsoft showed off their game maker Project Spark. The trailer demonstrated some of the power and potential that the game could have. In fact I couldn’t help think to myself that Project Spark looks like a more realistic and powerful Little Big Planet. Where gamers had run wild with creating content. It will be really interesting and exciting […]

Be the Bad Guy in Fable Legends

Lionhead studio showed off their upcoming Xbox One game, Fable Legends, with a gameplay demonstration at Xbox’s E3 press conference this past Monday. The demonstration introduced us to some of the heroes in Fable Legends.  Sterling, described as a “classic Fable hero”, Winter “a hero of will, Rook “a hero of skill” and Inga “a hero of strength”. The first thing that […]