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Now one time completely through their rotation the Detroit Tigers have been given a solid start by every single pitcher. Rick Porcello was the most recent pitcher for the Tigers to deliver an outstanding outing and thankfully for the Tigers they were able to produce enough runs in order to record their third victory of the season. Alex Avila came […]

Game 4: Bats Silenced – Tigers vs Orioles

Four games into the season and a pattern is starting to emerge for the Tigers. Starting pitching is outstanding, but there is no offensive help to be found. No matter how well Drew Smyly pitched he wasn’t going to get a win in his first start of the season. Usually when your starting pitcher goes six innings and only allows […]

Game 3: Walk Off! – Tigers vs Royals

The Tigers bats still aren’t alive, but if their starting pitching can continue to pitch the way they have in the first three games they won’t need much offense to win games. In game three of the opening series of the season with the Kansas City Royals it was Annibal Sanchez’s time to receive little to none run support. Sanchez […]

Game 2: Victory! – Tigers vs Royals

After a disappointing opening day where Detroit’s bullpen couldn’t hold onto a 2-0 lead Max Scherzer took it upon himself grind out a victory. The reigning AL Cy Young award winner took the mound for the Tigers in the second game of the season and picked up right where he left off last year. Max pitched 8 innings of one […]

After months away from the digital baseball diamond it has been a struggle at the plate. Before diving head first into a franchise I decided that I would give myself a little spring training. The first few days spent with MLB 14 the Show were filled with batting practices and terrible exhibition games. Finally I had worked up the courage […]

My Opening Day!

If you have been following my writing over the last year you have known that I have been trying my hardest to stay consistent and break into the video game industry. Well recently I went to PAX East and I learned something about me, I am not a hardcore gamer. After meeting and seeing hardcore gamers I realized I am […]