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A Goodbye Letter to Last Generation Consoles

Dear Last Generation Consoles, We both knew this time would come; the writing had been on the wall for quite some time and you and I both know that my mind had been wandering to another for over five months now. I never made it a secret that I had pre-ordered a next gen console. Tomorrow I will be receiving […]

Favorite 90s Video Games

This Wednesday I will be living out one of 1st grade Tate’s biggest fantasies, seeing Coolio in concert. Back in the 90s I was the biggest Coolio fan around, I loved his single “Gangsta’s Paradise” and he happened to rap the opening theme to my favorite T.V. show, “Keenan and Kel”. It was a perfect storm for kid Tate, I […]

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

In today’s video game industry it takes a very large leap of faith to produce a new non-first person shooter IP. As of late the industry has become so diluted by sequels and first person shooters that it has become a rarity for a company to invest into an original title. Namco and Ninja Theory did just that with their […]