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What is your Video Game Acceptance Letter?

This past week my girlfriend received her acceptance letter from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She had been working towards this dream for the last year and when her acceptance letter finally came it was a moment of pure enjoyment for her. Something that she had worked so hard for had finally come to fruition. All of her hours […]

Excitement Waning for Next Gen Consoles

We are officially less than a month away from the PS4 launch and just over a month until the Xbox One release. Can you feel the excitement? No? You aren’t the only one. It has been hard for me to get excited for this generation of consoles. Maybe it’s because I am in my mid-twenties this time or maybe it’s […]

Video Game Obsessions

If you have been reading my blog or simply look at the last few articles I have posted you can easily figure out what I am playing right now, GTA V/GTA Online. For a solid month I have been playing this game every day and at every chance I can get. I cruised through the story finishing up just in […]

Stop Attacking Gamer’s for Being Upset with Rockstar

Earlier today I was reading up on some video game sites, as I always do, trying to get the news of the day and inspiration for writing when I got home from work. I stumbled upon the news on Kotaku that Rockstar had issued a patch that would fix the disappearing character issue. In the story it was noted that […]

GTA Online has its Hooks in me and I Love It

I sprint my character, Tateroilkap, off to the left hurdling over three walls on my way under a bridge where a drug deal is going down. My friend waits for me to get into place and then I hear the loud echoing pops of his assault rifle as I see members of the deal start to drop. I open fire […]

Online Launch Disasters: You Should Be Angry

Yesterday at 7 AM Eastern time Grand Theft Auto Online was “released”. As most people could have guessed there were millions of people waiting for the doors to open, and unfortunately as most people could have guessed the majority of gamers trying to venture into GTA Online were met with errors and an unplayable mess. This is nothing new when […]