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Top Five Characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us

You just got Injustice: Gods Among Us and you are trying to figure out the right character for you. Well look no further, because I am here to give you a run down on my top five favorite characters. I will be giving a detailed description of all the strengths and weaknesses as well as tips for each character. This […]

Five Things Video Games Need To Improve

I have been playing video games now for over two decades; I have seen them mature from 2D side scrolling games to massive 3D worlds such as the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. I have played games such as Streets of Rage, where I never knew there actually was a story, to games like Mass Effect that takes an in-depth […]

Gears of War Judgment Review

Gears of War ushered in this generation of consoles with a bang. The gameplay was innovative and fun, the graphics were breathtaking and it introduced us to one of the most interesting video game universes. Gears of War helped to build the Xbox 360, which makes it unfortunate that the franchise will be leaving the only console generation it has […]

What I am Currently Playing 08/03/2013

Each week I will give you a run down of the games that I am currently playing or have beaten, hoping that this will intrigue you and possibly find you a new game to play. This week isn’t much different from last week but let me give you a quick run down of the games I am currently playing: Gears […]

Microsoft just released more details on their new reputation system for Xbox Live on the Xbox One. Essentially the idea is based on how gamers review another gamer they can fall into three groups: “Good Player” (green), “Needs Improvement” (yellow), or “Avoid me” (red). The system sounds like a great start to a plan to better one of the worst […]