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Madden 25 first impressions

Football season is just around the corner; in fact the college football season starts tomorrow at 6 PM when my South Carolina Gamecocks take on the University of North Carolina Tar heels. With the start of football season comes another Madden Football game. Madden 25 (the title number scheme has been changed to celebrate 25th anniversary of Madden Football) was […]

Top 20 Uses of Songs in Video Game Trailers

We see it all the time now, a trailer showing gameplay footage or a cinematic with a song over top of it. Everyone has seen them, there seems to be one released every month but they do their job and a lot of times they have some pretty catchy tunes that we had either forgot about or had never heard. […]

Dude Beats Zelda Ocarina of Time In Less Than 20 Min

With a little help from a faster version of Zelda Ocarina of Time and some nifty glitches the player named Cosmo beat Zelda Ocarina of Time in 19 min 15 seconds and claimed the world record. The whole video is a lot of fun to watch if you are a total nerd like I am, but some of the highlights for […]

What I am Currently Playing 8/23/2013

Each week I will give you a rundown of the games I have been playing during the week and what I plan on playing during the upcoming week, and give you a quick write up of what I thought or expect. I do this in hopes that you will find something that interests you and to spark discussion. Here is […]

Are We Entering the MMO Golden Age?

With games like Everquest Next, Elder Scrolls Online, Wildstar, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and even Destiny and The Division set to be released within the next year I can’t help but question are we beginning the “Golden Age” of the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, better known as the MMORPG or MMO? It shouldn’t come as too […]

This past weekend Square Enix had an open beta for FFXIV Online A Realm Reborn. I jumped onto the revamped MMO and played all day Saturday and most of Sunday. I played for close to eight total hours leveling up my female Miqo’te (cat person) Arcanist to level 12. Never having played the original version I enjoyed my time with […]

What I am Currently Playing 8/16/2013

Each Friday I will give you a rundown of all the games I played over the last week and the games I plan to play over the next week. I will provide a quick commentary on what I think about each game, hoping this will help you find something to play and keep you connected. I missed last week so […]

My Impressions on the GTA Online Trailer

With just over a month until the release of Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar released a new gameplay trailer today that provided detail about the multiplayer component of GTA V. In the trailer we are introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online, which has been described as separate entity then GTA V. The three minute trailer shows off the ins and […]

With the announcement today that the Xbox One no longer requires the Kinect to function the Xbox One and PS4 are now closer in comparison than ever before. The only non-hardware related variance that remains is the price point for the PS4 being $100 cheaper. I don’t believe it will be long before we hear an announcement that a Kinect […]

Why the PS4 and Xbox One Launch Will Succeed

Let’s face it the last few console launches have not been the greatest. From as recently as the Wii U to all the way back to the PS2. For some reason they just can’t seem to get it right. The lack of games and problems turned our newest $400+ purchase into an expensive dust collector. With the dreaded “Red Ring […]